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As far as age, follow this web address -

Using your s/n of the Winchester rifle or shotgun, you can learn the manufactured date.

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If it is actually made by Winchester, and is in good, working condition, several hundred at least.

between 200-375 dollars depending on condition of the wood and metal finish.

500-2000 depending on condition, box, papers, etc.

Value depends on condition Yours was made after 1964 so that isn't helping. Your best bet would be to have a dealer look at it and judge the condition.

Your Winchester model 1894 rifle,which was made in the year 1971 will bring between 200-350 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

$150 to 400, depending on condition

Your Winchester Model 54 was manufactured between 1929 and 1930. It's value, in good condition as described, would be around $1000.

100-1000 or more depending on specifics

If your 30-30 is a Winchester model 1894,it was made in 1925.The value of a rifle of that age is running fron 350 dollars up to 650 dollars depending on condition,

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics

200-400 USD depending on condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

In the condition that you have described,your rifle is valued at 895.00 dollars on today,s market.

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

Seeing that you did not give a discription of the condition of your Winchester model 1894 rifle,which was made in the year 1965.I can say that the general value is between 200-350 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

1978 In very good to excellent condition....about 400.00. Might as well take it out and have some fun.

your winchester rifle will bring between 150-350 dollars depending on condition and a good bore.

How old is the Model 94 Winchester 3030 serial 4554129?

250-350 dollars depnding on condition and a good bore.

The value of your Model 55 can only be determined by a visual inspection & evaluation. There are several unknown factors that can affect the potential collector value. Bert H.

100-1000 USD and up depending on specifics

If this is a Model 94 Winchester (because they made other models chambered in 30-30) then it was manufactured in 1950 and has significant potential value, depending on condition and any factory features. You would be well advised to obtain a professional appraisal.

The value depends on what the gun is (rifle or carbine) and if it has the saddle ring and what the condition is. Since it is a pre-64 (manufactured in 1898) you should have it professionally appraised, preferrably by an advanced Winchester 94 collector. Almost certainly it has significant value.

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