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Do male betta make nest even when there is no female?

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Yes! Betta fish males can make bubble nests whether or not a female betta is present! Male bettas make nests when their home are in proper conditions and they are ready to breed.

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yes they can have babies, and the male betta has to make the nest for the female. yes they can have babies, and the male betta has to make the nest for the female.

The male Betta fights with other male Betta and the female don't

No, the male betta makes the bubble nest the female gives the eggs.

the male betta fish makes the nest.

the female betta fish gets along with the male betta because sometimes even both fishes may fight until one is dead.

The male will make a bubble nest when the female is about to lay her eggs.

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

well,usally the male kills the female after mating but if the female is strong enough she will kill the male

yes of course well make them about the same size.Hope that helped.

No the female betta has to have a male to have babies.

Yes, they can. It usually happens when the male is guarding the eggs and the female tries to eat them. The male will fight and kill anyone who harms the eggs- even their own mother.

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

it depends i have a male with a female betta, in a 2.5 gallon tank,they get along, i wouldnt risk it, no

The male betta always has longer fins. It is more colorful and prettier. The female betta is not so pretty with dull fins.

Because the female will usually try to eat the eggs. He will fight to protect them from anything, even his mate.

From a female Betta. Then the male Betta fertilizes them when they breed together.

no the male usaly kills the feale after mating

No. If you were to house a male and female betta together it would result in fighting, if not death. The only exception is when breeding the fish, which requires a few weeks of conditioning beforehand. Even then, the fish are still at risk for injury.

The male fish will take care of the young, once the female lays the eggs then remove the female from the tank or the male betta will injure or kill her. Can a male betta fish get pregnant ? The answer is no.

Under normal circumstances the female Betta looks and is smaller than the male in both body and finage.

No because if a male betta is not atracked to the female they will try to reserve there territory

You can't. Even if you're breeding them, you have to separate them when they're done. Bettas do not like friends.

Your betta fish is a female if she has smaller fins than an average male.