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Male betta's are more colorful then female's

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Q: How can a person tell if it is a female or a male betta?
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Related questions

How can you tell the difference between male and female Betta fish?

The male Betta fights with other male Betta and the female don't

How can you tell a male betta from a female betta fish?

The male betta always has longer fins. It is more colorful and prettier. The female betta is not so pretty with dull fins.

How do you tell a male betta fish from a female betta fish?

Normally the male betta fish has much longer flowing fins than the female.

How can you tell if a baby betta fish is male or female?

The female betta fish has vagina lips on its anus.

How do you tell the difference between male and female beta?

The bright colored betta is the male. The males have to be pretty to attract the female. That means the light colored betta is the female.

How can you tell if Marine Betta is girl or boy?

you can tell if its a boy or girl by the fins the male Betta has long fins and the female Betta has small fins

How you can tell a female betta from male betta?

usally femal betas will lay eggs and they`re smarter!!

How do you tell apart a female beta and a male plakat?

The male Plakat is still a male Betta splendens (although its fins are not as showy) so it will display when shown itself in a mirror. A female Betta will not display.

How do you tell the difference between a female betta and a male betta?

Male betas are colorful and have large fins. Females have virtually no fins and have no color

How can you tell a girl betta from a boy betta?

A female betta has very small fins with a long body while the male betta have lots of nice flowing fins.

How do you know if your Betta Fish is pregnant?

You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

How do you tell if your Shredded Fin Betta is male or female?

The males have much more elaborate fins while the females are rather plain. Also, if you put a male in an aquarium right next to another male betta, it will become agitated and attempt to fight. A female would not.

How can you tell male betta from female betta?

Male betta fish have large fins. Female have basically the oppasite. Males are a lot prettier than girls. But girls are very cute aswell.It's easy to tell if your Betta fish is male or female. The females are generally much smaller than the males, more plainly colored and have shorter fins. The males are larger, more colorful and have large fins that are used to both attract a mate and appear threatening to other males.

How do you tell if a betta fish is a male or female?

The male is the colorful flamboyant one. The females are somewhat drab and have much smaller fins.

How do you tell if a betta fish is a female or male?

The males have the large flowing fins and will display when they see another male or their own reflection.

How do you tell a male betta fish from a girl?

Well the male has big beautiful long fins and the female has small short fins

How can you tell a male from a female betta fish?

male beta fish are the really colorful ones and the females are the ones that have mostly faded color.

How can you tell if a fish that is a female or male?

Well if we are referring to Betta fish a female is generally smaller and there will be a white dot on her "chest" the bottom of the fish. A male will be bigger and not have this white dot. Hope this is helpful.

How do you tell fish bata apart as a boy or girl?

A girl Betta is dull and not as pretty as the male. But, a boy Betta is colorful and pretty to attract the female mate.

How can you tell the difference between a boy a girl betta fish?

You can tell a female from a male by its dorsal, and fins. The male is larger, alot more colorful and has long fins, the female on the other hand, has shorter fins, are smaller, and not as colorful.Remember, both male and female ARE fighting fish, so they will have the same temper. Never put a male and female together unless breeding.

What happens when you put two female betta fish together?

Nothing will happen but if you put a female betta fish and a male betta fish their going to figth so make sure to have that thing that separates them male betta fish can figth and if a male betta fish has babies separte them and keep them away from their parents and when they grow up check if their a male or a female if their female put them on the same tank put there might be a lot of females if i was u i will just sale them cuz i think you only have one tank but thats my opinion and if somebody needs a question just tell me my name is Allison Hamilton

How can you tell if a betta is pregnant?

Bettas are not livebearers and therefore do not get pregnant. Female have their eggs laid on a male's bubble nest where he will then fertilize them.

How can you tell if your Betta fish is a male fish or a female fish?

The male Betta splendens is a larger more colourful fish with much larger showier fins than the female. He will also flare up almost immediately when he sees his own image in a mirror. The females do not do this so readily.

When looking at a karyotype how can you tell if the person was a male or female?

You can if the person is male or female by looking at the sex chromosome. And checking if its a X or Y chromosome

How can you tell the difference between a female and a male betta fish?

The female has shorter fins than the male and is generally less colorful. They should be labeled at the pet store. The females are usually less expensive, too.