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Absolutely! They'll look at the quality of the school, your GPA, the courses you took, your standardized test scores, and the activities you were involved in.

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Q: Do medical schools look at what college you went to when you apply for their school?
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How many years of school after high school is it to get into medical school?

After high school, you enroll in college which is 4 years. Then you apply to medical school.

Where is the best medical school to become a pediatrician?

Any medical school will give you a medical degree. You can attend any of them, and once you have the degree you would apply to a residency training program in your area of interest - in your case Pediatrics (3 year residency). Any U.S. medical school will get you to that point. I would work as hard as you can in college so you can apply to get into one of them after college, and would avoid the Caribbean schools if possible.

What schools teach dermatology?

You need 4 years of college and then you need to apply to medical school and get accepted. Medical school is 4 years. Then you apply to a residency in Dermatology and after acceptance, there is an additional 4 years of specialty training in Dermatology. You then are eligible to become board certified in Dermatology

What steps do you have to take to become a pediatrician?

You have to go to college, take your MCAT exam, apply for medical school, get into medical school, finish medical school and take board exams, then apply for pediatrics residency, which is 3 years long.

What type of college do you have to go too to be a veterinarian?

You have to go to a veterinary school to be a veterinarian. You must attend 4 years of college and then apply to vet school. Vet schools are difficult to get in and are almost more difficult than medical schools for people doctors. There are not as many vet schools in the country as well. Vet schools are generally 4-5 years in length after college and often have a residency attached that may be an additional length of time.

What programmes are offered at the Collingham Sixth Form College?

Collingham Sixth Form College is an independent college that helps prepare students for medical school. They offer programs that help a person prepare to apply and enter medical school.

Are there any schools of sonography in the Dallas area?

There are a few sonography schools in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas Sonography School, Sanford-Brown College, and The Hybrid Medical Institute ( Diagnostic Medical Sonography School at Dallas ) are all sonography schools located in the Dallas, Texas area. Sanford-Brown is located in Dallas and offer Sonography classes and certifications. You can request information and apply online at

What are the books you have to take learn before entering medical college?

Before you can enter medical school you have to complete a four year degree program at a university and then you take the tests/apply to medical school.

What is the difference between Emory College and Emory University?

Emory University is the all encompassing name for the undergraduate and graduate schools that make up Emory. That includes Emory College, Oxford College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the Goizueta Business School, the Nell Hodgkins School of Nursing, the Medical School, the Law School, and the Candler School of Theology.Emory College is the undergraduate liberal arts college which most undergrads attend. You can also apply to either the Business School or Nursing School after your sophomore year and get your degree from either of those schools. Most undergraduate students graduate with a degree from Emory College.

Do you do you decide to apply to medical school?

Yes....if you want to go to medical school.....??

Where do you get the education to become a surgeon?

You must complete four years of undergraduate coursework (bachelor's degree) first with the prerequisite coursework completed. Then you can apply to a medical school. Medical schools are located around the world. You can just put the term "medical schools" into your search engine, and that will give you a start. The career advisers at the college or university you attend should be able to appropriately advise you.

Can you apply for med school with a BSN or just a BA?

You can apply with either degree type. You just have to make sure you have completed all the prerequisite coursework required by medical schools.

How do I get into college and medical school afterwards?

Apply to a university (not a community college) major in chemistry or whatever, take the medical prerequisite courses, maintain a 3.4+ gpa, take the MCAT and make a 30+, and pray that at least one med school will accept you.

I am a high school student and want to know how can i get in to medical school in los angles?

Get good grades in high school so that you can get into a good college. Major in Pre-medicine, Kinesiology or Biology and do very well. Then you will be able to apply to Medical School.

how do i apply to summer school?

If you need to apply for summer school to get enough credits to graduate high school, for instance, apply with your current public school district. A lot of high schools and colleges offer online summer classes too. You might sign up at a community college this summer to save money on tuition if you attend a 4-year college during the regular school year.

Where can I find staff support jobs?

Most schools (elementary, high school and college level) and hospitals (or any medical facility) typically have ample job openings for suppert staff positions. Search directly on their websites to apply.

How do you get from high school to medical school?

In the US, in most cases you first get an undergraduate (4-year) degree - either a "Bachelor of Science" or "Bachelor of Arts" - then take the Medical College Admissions Test, then apply to Medical School (general students begin applications during the summer between their junior and senior years of college).

Where can you go to college to be a pediatrictian?

To become a pediatrician you must complete both a primary degree, a bachelor's degree, and a secondary medical degree. Although most colleges and universities do not offer bachelor's degree's in Pre-med, majoring in biology or chemistry can be very advantageous to getting into medical school. Amherst college, Cornell University and Johns Hopkins are particularly well known for their high admittance rates to medical schools. Once you have completed your bachelor's degree you then apply to medical school to become a pediatrician. For example John's Hopkins University has a medical school.

Should you go to a really rigourous school for pre med or an easy one?

When you apply to medical school, your GAP from college and you scores on the GMAT exam will come into play. Just like when you were applying to college, your high school GPA and SAT board scores had a great impact on your selection of colleges that you could apply.Go the best college you can get into to and get the best grades you are capable of getting. Coming from a rigorous college will be impressive on your medical school application.A B average from a rigorous college will be more respected than an A average from a local community college.

What is the study for dermatology?

You need 4 years of college and then you need to apply to medical school and get accepted. Medical school is 4 years. Then you apply to a residency in Dermatology and after acceptance, there is an additional 4 years of specialty training in Dermatology. You then are eligible to become board certified in Dermatology

Where can I apply for college scholarships?

Fill out the FAFSA to gain access to government loans, scholarships, and grants. You can apply to individual schools for scholarships as well. You have to check with each school for the scholarships they offer.

How do you apply to a school other than your resides school?

Apply at schools online. Search for the school in the state/city you want to go to.

How do I get to the upstate medical college?

Your best bet would be to apply for scholarships as medical college can be quite expensive. You should first apply for the FAFSA in order to be eligible for a grant or scholarship.

Can I apply for a radiology college even though I have no other medical training?

Yes. You will get all the classes and training necessary within the radiology college itself. Call some schools near you, and get a feel for the program!

What is the best college to go to if you are going to be a doctor?

I assume you're asking about medical schools. Beginning with undergraduate education, most state universities and private colleges have the pre-requisites to apply for medical school. Factors that medical schools are looking for include: MCAT scores, extracurricular activities, undergraduate GPA (emphasis on science/math scores), race (African American, Native American, Hispanic), and finally on the "Interview" with the Med school commitee. Don't underestimate the interview. Going to a high profile college doesn't hurt (i.e. Ivy league, Stanford, etc.). Picking a medical school is another challenge. Being a resident in certain states is advantageous. This is because there is a lower applicant to acceptance ratio in these states. Look this up on the web. Apply to as many schools as you can afford is recommended. Apply to some less than well known schools is also recommended. So again, focus on your GPA and extracurricular activities during undergraduate studies. Going to a high profile college may enhance your appeal but may hurt your GPA (i.e. smarter kids to compete with). Going to a college that has a Medical school may help your chances if you become acquainted with the Med school staff. Having a familiar face on the Interview Committee is a bonus. Study hard!