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Do medical schools look at what college you went to when you apply for their school?


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2015-07-15 21:04:43
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Absolutely! They'll look at the quality of the school, your GPA, the courses you took, your standardized test scores, and the activities you were involved in.


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After high school, you enroll in college which is 4 years. Then you apply to medical school.

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Any medical school will give you a medical degree. You can attend any of them, and once you have the degree you would apply to a residency training program in your area of interest - in your case Pediatrics (3 year residency). Any U.S. medical school will get you to that point. I would work as hard as you can in college so you can apply to get into one of them after college, and would avoid the Caribbean schools if possible.

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You need 4 years of college and then you need to apply to medical school and get accepted. Medical school is 4 years. Then you apply to a residency in Dermatology and after acceptance, there is an additional 4 years of specialty training in Dermatology. You then are eligible to become board certified in Dermatology

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You have to go to college, take your MCAT exam, apply for medical school, get into medical school, finish medical school and take board exams, then apply for pediatrics residency, which is 3 years long.

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You have to go to a veterinary school to be a veterinarian. You must attend 4 years of college and then apply to vet school. Vet schools are difficult to get in and are almost more difficult than medical schools for people doctors. There are not as many vet schools in the country as well. Vet schools are generally 4-5 years in length after college and often have a residency attached that may be an additional length of time.

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