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Some men do become more emotional as they get older, perhaps due to failing mental capabilities. Especially if they are NFL coaches named Dick Vermeil.

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Q: Do men become emotional as they get older?
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Why do men suddenly get quiet when they are being called out on a lie or an argument?

Because they become emotional detached

Are old men usually bald?

theres quite a gud chance that older men will become or are bald, men usually start to become bald from the age as young as 30.

What are the social and emotional changes that both boys and girls experience?

Boys start jerking off and girls start having intercourse with older men.

Do older people have higher level at emotional intelligence yhan younger people?

As a "General Rule" - "Age gives into reason" - meaning that as you grow older you become less emotional and tend to 'think before you act.' This is true for most of the people I know and have grown up with (age 40+).

Why are men rude?

Emotional immaturity.

Why do cats wail as they get older?

For reasons similar to the reasons men often become depressed in old age.

Do men and women handle stress differently?

Yes,because women are very emotional and some men are too but women are more emotional and it can turn into depression. Whennit comes to that men can also be very emotional but hidden

Do older women like younger men?

Yes they do ..... As long as they curve up in the rite places and become adventurous.

Why do women have affairs with older men?

Usually, they worked longer time than younger men, saved more money and have more financial and emotional stability, are more easy-going and are willing to take care of women, but I would not suggest that all women would prefer older men and wants to be looked after. That's a sexist context.

Why do older men not get erections?

Younger and older men may not get erections. Older men can get erections once the cause of erectile disfunction is found out. Normally older men ED is related to stress and blood flowing disturbance. Men aged 90 years can get erection.

Do you get more emotional as you get older?

You can it all depends on what your isues are and what going on in your life.

Does Thomas Law date older men?

on his Facebook he has and flirts with a few older men yes

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