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Do most people like cats better or like dogs better and why do most people like the animal they like better?


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People usually like cats better because they are more calm and don't bark.

I dont really agree with this. I love my cats, really, but unless u live on a farm, they r not the best pets to have. I moved from a farm to a house closer to the road. I have decided not to get anymore cats after they are gone. Cleaning the litter is a pain, and a small dog would be a much better fit. Not all dogs bark constantly (poms do , and yorkies, most small pure bred dogs do), but not all, and there are actually cats that make alot of noise themselves (my cats r evidenced of that-even tho they arent as loud as a dog). But even tho I am a cat person, I am going for a dog later in life to avoid cleanning cat litter.

I disagree with the first person too because people get pets to have a campagion and to enjoy being around them and playing with them. Cats aren't really good around people mostly and don't let you play with them as much. ANd anyways, who's more loyal than a dog. It will be your best friend! ;)