Do most people think people with autism are dumb?

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Sadly, it is commonly perceived that people with Autism are not intelligent. This is in fact, not the case and I believe it is our job as Autism advocates to raise awareness about the fact that individuals with Autism can be productive members of society.

At a recent conference I attended on work opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum, world renowned Autism expert, Susan Bryson, noted that only approximately 25% of people with Autism have an intellectual handicap. She then continued to point out that many people on the Autism Spectrum possess valuable cognitive strengths including

  • excellent attention to detail
  • excellent pattern-detection skills
  • superior visual search skills
  • persistance
  • highly reliable
  • highly accurate and often perfectionistic, possessing a desire for precision and being unwilling to sacrifice accuracy for speed.

All of these attributes can make people with Autism extremely valuable employees so we all as a society have to start rethinking what it means to have Autism!

For more information on Autism, check out autism, your one-stop-source for everything related to Autism.

Brenda Deskin

------------------------------- It depends on whether the individual person has been educated on what autism is. Sadly, much of society, and even some individuals who may work with autistics, still can't tell the difference between "Asperger's/HFA" vs. "Kanner's". Along with all of the other disabilities where autism can also be effected. It also depends on where people get their information on autism from, and based on how accurate it is, along with updated. I truly think that the media in all forms are causing many complications for all of us to be accepted into society.
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How many people in the US have autism?

The prevalence of autism in the United States is 1 in 150, according to the CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network in 2007, . That puts it at two thirds one percent of US population. The US population is about 306 million, so, I'd say roughly 2 million diagnosed Autistic p ( Full Answer )

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What do people with autism have trouble doing?

Basically, Autism is neurological disorder, and which the cells in your brain is mixed up. And the main core deficit, is socializing and communicating with other people. They are described as, "Being in their own private world." Other symptoms include: sensory issues (e.g. they could be sensitive to ( Full Answer )

Do people with autism know they have autism?

Presumably, when they are diagnosed they are told. It also depends on how severe the autism is. If it is a mild case, just to do with socialising, they know and usually understand. If it is very severe, like if they cannot talk, then they probably don't know, or understand.

Do others with autism like people with autism?

Anything is possible and does not have to be that way. That is just saying if one person likes another; it doesn't matter if two people have similar conditions. They are both human. It is possible for that to happen. It also depends on the severity of the disorder. The more severe a person is affec ( Full Answer )

Do people with autism marry people without autism?

They can and do. If the person has a severe case of autism or a severe case of Asperger's Syndrome (another pervasive developmental disorder similar to autism), his or her social skills could be so impaired that he or she does not meet potential romantic interests. If the person has a mild cas ( Full Answer )

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What does autism do to people?

It creates social problems and makes things difficult at times but it's not really that bad.. at least not to me (Has Autism) Well, It's really difficult for some people with it though... I think it depends on the person.

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Will people with autism have a normal life?

They Most Certainly Can. They Most Certainly Will. God Bless them with the right people to guide them on the path of life. It has been done. Here are somepeople with autism Albert einstein John lennon Bill gates

How do people get autism?

A person who has autism, is born with the disorder.but it is probably passed down from the parents,meaning that the parents have it and when the child was born it had it. i am explaining it because i don't want you to think it can be passed down like a cold. but it doesn't have to be they can just b ( Full Answer )

How do autistic people feel about their autism?

It depends on the person. People with autism are, first and foremost, people. And just like all people they have their own feelings and opinions about themselves even if they are not able to express these opinions. Some people with autism embrace their disorder and celebrate their "unique" way of ( Full Answer )

Why does everyone pity people with autism?

Because people with autism cannot do things on their own very well without help. They can't help themselves with certain things. I know this for a fact because my younger brother has autism and can't do many things on his own very well.

What can you do to help people who have autism?

I would suggest that if you are really interested in helping someone with autism that you learn all you can about it. Researchers are still learning about the causes and types. There isn't one type, but several and with various degrees of autism. Some people can communicate while others do not. I ha ( Full Answer )

Can people with autism take GCSE's?

Yes. Most schools will allow this anyway. It depends on the individual. If they also have learning difficulties then possably not; but if they are fine accidemicly then yes.

Can most people with autism take public transport independently?

Yes. Like everyone, it could be a little scary at first, but if they are good in social situations, they will be fine. Reply to'A' Wouldn't they get too lost in thought & not notice when it's time to get off? Or not be able to follow the time table? Can all people with autism & aspergers take buses ( Full Answer )

Can people with autism be in charge of money?

Of course they can. Children with Autism can reach whatever career they choose. Temple Grandin is a very famous person with Autism, and she has written many great books about Autism.

Are people with autism smart?

it depends what kind of autism they have... they are very creative and they think of really cool ideas. so they can be very smart

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Can people with autism be in wheelchairs?

Yes, of course Autistic people can be in wheelchairs. A person canhave more than one condition or disability, and Autistic people areas likely to use a wheelchair as any other group of people.

Are people with Autism mentally retarded?

Many (most?) are, in some way, dysfunctional in our society and unable to engage in 'everyday' activities. But there are also many who are absolutely brilliant at certain tasks and endeavors. To paint them all with the broad brush as being "retarded" is incorrect and an injustice.

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Why should people be concerned about autism?

People shouldn't be concerned about Autism. There's a lot of people using propaganda against Autistic people toincrease their own profits or agenda: for example Autism Speakstelling people that there is an 'epidemic' to scare people aboutAutism so that people will donate to them to 'cure' Autism. T ( Full Answer )

What age do most people get autism?

No one 'gets' autism. Autism is a neurological difference, peoplewho are autistic are born autistic and it'snot something that theycontract.

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How are people affected by autism?

It's becoming more and more common. There is currently no official register, but it's guestimated 1/2% of the world population ish. They're saying 1/150 children and 1/83 boys. It's hard because there's many different forms of autism such as Aspergers and PDD, so it's difficult to pinpoint.

Can people with autism work?

Yes and no... it depends on how bad their autism is, and what you mean by work. Like there are always jobs like at home things, and greeters at Walmart.

How many people in the world have autism?

There are thousands, maybe millions of people have autism. There are some people who don't know they even have it! So, it's safe to say, there are a lot of people with autism in this world.

What lives do people live with autism?

They see the world in thier own way. They live a normal life, but not as understandable as they wish it was. Some have social anxiety (doesn't talk and/or interact with others), and alot have difficulty with social skills and making friends. They have (a) strong interest(s) with a certain item or to ( Full Answer )

How many people in US have autism?

The CDC puts Autism diagnosis at 1 in 68, however it is impossibleto say how many Autistic people exist in the US. Many people arenot diagnosed or may not even realize that they're Autistic,furthermore certain groups are under-diagnosed - for example girlsare less likely to be diagnosed than boys, a ( Full Answer )

Can people with autism believe in god?

Yes. I believe so, even if they cannot communicate it, God made us with ability to believe. I believe, the same way a small child makes it to heaven. (I am a Christian)

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because they are and you shouden't be saying that people are dumbbecause did you know that dumb actully means the people cant talkso whe you call people dumd that are not actully dumb you aremaking fun of the people who can't actully talk so shouden't callpeople dumb

Is the a particuler gruop of people that have autism?

There is a particular group of people that have autism: Autisticpeople! Autism does tend to be more commonly found in males,however often autism symptoms show differently in females andfemales are better at hiding their symptoms so it may be thatautism is just underdiagnosed in females.

What are autism peoples strengths?

Some strengths autistic people possess; . Above average intelligence. . Logical thinking. . Honest and genuine. . Loyal to friends and family. . Higher affective empathy. . Attention to detail. . Thinking outside the box. . Highly skilled in specific areas. . Highly concentrated study. . ( Full Answer )

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Why do people with autism have high voices?

Not all of them do, I know quite a few autistic people, and some of their voices are quite low, actually. It's probably just the person/people you're refering to's genes.

Why do people with autism think like animals?

Autistic people do not think like animals. It is offensive tosuggest that Autistic people (not 'people with autism') think likeanimals, we think like people because we are people.

How do people treat people with autism?

There is no cure for Autism. Different specialists can help children with Autism as soon as it is diagnosed, and can instruct the parent as to how to best handle their child.

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Is it true that people with autism think more like animals?

Temple Grandin did say most autistic individuals think more likeanimals than like people. Animals (like dogs, horses) havesensitive hearing, same as other autistic individuals. And mostanimals don't make eye contact and it's the same way with peoplewith autism. Some animals will try to run away or b ( Full Answer )