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Scientists don't tend to believe in anything until they have proof of its existence/reality.

Many scientists believe that it is likely that there are other forms of life in the universe, but that is not the same thing as "believing in aliens", which has overtones of ET visiting Earth.

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Q: Do most scientists believe in aliens?
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Did aliens create us?

No, humans were not created by Aliens. Scientists believe we evolved from a certain species of animals or vegetation, and most religions believe we were created from God.

Has an alien spacecraft landed on Earth?

Many people believe aliens have visited earth. Most scientists do not.

Is the aliens really?

aliens doesn't exist its just an imagination of scientists really i dont believe in these things

Does anyone believe in an alien?

aliens? sure i do. i believe theres life on other planets even thought scientists havent found ''aliens'' or other humans.

Why do scientists refuse to believe aliens have visited our planet in the past?

Because there is no credible evidence to indicate they have.

Why do some scientist believe aliens are real and do they have evidence?

Scientists believe Aliens are real because they made a hypothesis based on the evidence they studied to see if they were other types of spieces linving on another planet.

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Do scientists believe aliens exist on other planets?

Yes and No. Some scientists think that aliens don't exist, some do. If they do, then they also obviously believe in them on other planets. What do you think? I think that they do exist, why would us humans be the ONLY ones on planet Earth? Positiveness of Answer: 100% jokypants1

Why you believe in aliens?

i believe in aliens because their is billions of planets in the universe that their could be aliens on a planet

What do scientists believe about the loch ness monster?

Most scientists believe the Loch Ness monster is a myth.

Do scientists have aliens?

no never not whatever the answer is no.

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