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Yes and No. Some scientists think that aliens don't exist, some do. If they do, then they also obviously believe in them on other planets. What do you think? I think that they do exist, why would us humans be the ONLY ones on planet Earth?

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Scientists don't tend to believe in anything until they have proof of its existence/reality.

Many scientists believe that it is likely that there are other forms of life in the universe, but that is not the same thing as "believing in aliens", which has overtones of ET visiting Earth.

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the scientists say it is all a load of sweaty balls

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Scientists believe Aliens are real because they made a hypothesis based on the evidence they studied to see if they were other types of spieces linving on another planet.

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Q: Why do some scientist believe aliens are real and do they have evidence?
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But if aliens are not real what about the evidence?

its fake

Who are the scientist believe that alien exist?

No real "scientist" believes that aliens exist, just as no real scientist 'believes' that aliens do not exist. That's just a simple fact that comes from simple definitions. A real 'Scientist' is an observer who draws conclusions from what he observes. His conclusions have nothing to do with opinion, faith, judgment, or what he believes or doesn't believe. No observation by astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists, biologists, physicists, or anyone else has provided any evidence yet that points to the existence of life outside of Earth, or any evidence that rules it out. So nobody has any scientific basis for 'believing' either way ... even though many people, including many scientists, have a strong hunch that it does exist.

Are Aliens real a long time a go?

i believe in them but we haven't found out yet

Are aliens in space now?

It is possible. Since space is so big, every scientist that says that aliens are not real, do not deserve to call themself scientist.

What is non empirical research?

Non empirical research is the study of data from existing information. In non-empirical research the researcher can make a conclusive argument and he can prove the arguments without consulting the data.

Will the aliens invade?

There is no need to worry; in real life there is no evidence, let alone proof, that there are any aliens. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and there is no reason to believe it isn't us.

Where is it possible to find out information about real aliens?

Many sites are devoted to extraterrestrial aliens, such as Alien UFO Research, Alien UFO Pictures, and Are Aliens Real? Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to determine which evidence represents real alien encounters and which is simply a hoax or misinterpretation. The only true way to obtain legitimate evidence of aliens is to have an encounter personally, which is unlikely.

Do aliens build houses under ground?

No real evidence of aliens visiting this planet or our solar system exists therfore it is not known.

Do aliens attack humans?

No,because aliens are not real the atmosphere on other planets can not support the living.but if they were real i believe aliens would be peaceful. ,despite the tv shows and video games , that make the aliens seem harmful.

Are alienise real?

You are just full of "real" questions, aren't you? I believe they are. Many do not. It depends on what you believe. Most Christians do not believe in aliens, although I am Christian and do believe in them.

Why real aliens?

It is kind of hard to prove a negative. Absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence. So no one can say "aliens aren't real". All that can be said is that "so far, no aliens are known and proven to exist". aliens may very well be real. personally i think aliens have visited us and that they are peaceful. but some people might say if they are real why haven't they shown themselves to prove they are real. i think that they think if they did, it would cause panic and maybe even a whole war when they don't want one.

How do scardox aliens mate?

Scardox aliens do not mate. Science has never confirmed the existence of aliens as of 2014, though many people believe they are real.