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In Myanmar
The mountainous state is bordering with Bangladesh and India on the west, and Rakhine state on the south, Magwe and Sagaing divisons on the east. The whole region is made up of high hills and deep valleys, and there is hardly any plain or plateau. The average elevation varies between 1500 and 2700 meters, the highest being Nat Ma Taung or Mt. Victoria in southern Chin state at 3100 meters above sea level.

Manipur river flows from India into Chin state from the northern tip, passes Ton Zang, Tiddim, Falam and then turns to the east to the low land to join Myittha river in Magwe division. Myittha river in turn flows into Chindwin river in Sagaing division. Near Falam there is a hydroelectric power station.

Other important rivers are Kissipanadi or Kaladan river, and Laymyo river both of them flow southward to Rakhine state and later empty themselves into the bay of Bengal (Indian ocean). The rivers in the state are full of rapids and white waters, and thus not suitable for navigation. Only small boats and canoes can travel in certain sections, mostly downstream.

Ethnic groups living in Chin state include Chin, Lai, Simbhrin, Kumi, Cho, Siyin, Matu, and Bamar. Majority of population is Christian. Major occupation is agriculture, however it is not well developed due to the scarcity of large valleys and plains. Shifting cultivation is still prevalent. Terrance cultivation is slowly being introduced along the hillsides. Due to difficult terrain human labour is the main driving force of work done. Mountain rice, wheat, maize, coffee, orange, damson and apple are grown. Chin textiles especially blankets and Yaw Longyi (circular ring of cloth worn at the waist to cover the lower part of the body) are famous. Many Chins still use the traditional method of hand weaving.

Teak and other hardwoods are found at elevation below 900 meters. Above 900 meters there are oaks and pines. Teak, pines, canes, resin and turpentine are important forest products. Since electricity is not available in most villages people depend on the wood for cooking.

Travel and tourism
Travel to Chin state is mainly by car on poor roads cut along the mountain sides and valleys. Very rugged nature of the landscape makes travel difficult, and land slides are not un-common. In certain areas cars have to carry shovels and garden hoe to clear the land slide and stones cover. Normal Chin villagers would travel daily on foot from village to village and to and from the farms.

Palatwa town in the southern Chin state could be reached from northern Rakhine state by Kissipanadi river. It is possible by only small motor boats. The road from Kyauk Taw (Rakhing state) is good only in the dry season for rough trucks. The other southern towns such as Kanpetlet (where Nat Ma Taung or Mt. Victoria national park is), Mindat, Madupi could be reached from the central plain region. The roads are not so good, however they are in so so conditions. The only north-south highway within the state connects the northern border town of Chikha (close to Indian border) to Ton Zang, Tiddin, Falam, Hakha, Aika and Madupi.

From Kalay (Sagaing division) both large and small trucks carrying passengers and goods travel to Tiddin, Falam and Hakha daily in summer (February - July) and winter (October - February).

Tourism is by permission. Climbing the peak of Mt. Victoria is usually done from Bagan. In Kampatlet there is (January, 2004) a lodge offering basic bungalow style accommodation. In other towns tourists have to use government guest houses since small private hotels do not have basic tourist facilities. There is a beautiful heart shape lake called "Reh" close to the Indian border, which can be reached from Falam by jeep. The border check point at Chikha is opened to local people only. .........................................................................................................................
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Where is Myanmar?

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is a country in southeast Asia in between China, Thailand and India. . Southeast Asia, formerly Burma

Who is the President of Myanmar?

Senior General Than Shwe is the "Chairman of theState Peace and Development Council", and de facto head of Burma,which has been controlled by the military since 1952. There-elected Prime Minister is Thein Sein , after anelection on November 7, 2010 that is widely viewed as fraudulent.Than Shwe ma ( Full Answer )

Leader of myanmar?

Thein Sein is the present leader of Myanmar. He was formerlycommander of the military and has been the President of the Burmasince 2011.

When did myanmar get its name?

After achieving its freedom from the United Kingdom in January of 1948, the former colony became the Union of Burma. On June 18 , 1989, the State Law and Order Restoration Council adopted the name "Union of Myanmar." There is still some controversy over the name change and many English speaking nati ( Full Answer )

What does Myanmar import?

Myanmar imports several items into their country. Myanmar's mainimports are, machinery, tires, pharmaceutical products, polymers,construction equipment, fuel, vegetable oil, and vehicles.

What does Myanmar export?

A number of things but the top three are wood, rice, and pulses. exports; are mainly teak wood,rice,pulses,beans.they export about 6.1 billon dollars per year to thailand,india,china,and last but not least japan

What do the colors on the Myanmar flag mean?

The Blue of the flag of Myanmar represents peace and endurance; red symbolizes courage and gallantry; and white stands for purity and honor. There are also symbols and emblems on the flag. There is a cogwheel and some ears of rice which together represent the country's industry and agriculture, wh ( Full Answer )

What is causing a delay of relief to Myanmar?

From what I hear on the news it appears to be the military government therein. Quite why that is I do not know: Burma, as it was formerly, appears to be devastated. It's very sad.

When did Burma become Myanmar?

Burma officially became the Union of Myanmar in 1989 however the new name is not universally recognised.

What are the major landmarks of Myanmar?

Shwedagon Pagoda, Kyite Htee Yoe Pagoda, Maha Muni Buddha Statue, Sule Pagoda, Mandalay Moat and Palace, Mandalay Zaygyo Market, Bogyoke Aung San Market, etc...

How did Myanmar get its name?

Myanmar or Burma is the name of a sovereign state located at thesouthwestern region of Asia. Its name comes from two words of theirnative language: 'myan', which means 'swift', and 'ma', which means'strong'.

Is Myanmar in Burma?

Myanmar is Burma. The country has two names, depending upon who is referring to the country. See the link. Best,

What is the main religion in myanmar?

Myanmar, present day Burma, is a multi-religious country. There is no official state religion, but the government shows preference for Theravada Buddhism, the majority religion. It is approximated that 89% of the population, especially the Bamar, Rakhine, Shan, Mon, and Chinese, practice this relig ( Full Answer )

Why was Myanmar colonized?

it was colonized becasue the british empire wanted control of many countries, and they wanted to take control of the Asian side of the world

Who is Shwe Myanmar?

Shwe Myanmar is a young intelligent girl. She has a 99.9% average.She is now in grade 6 (2008-2009) and will soon be taking GSAT.She is also a friend of the young author,Asha Boxill.She is the 2nd smartest girl in her class.

What is the money in Myanmar?

The currency in Myanmar is " kyat ". But the government has created "Myanmar dollar" which is being called FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate) to control the economy.

Who is the king of Myanmar?

The first king was Anawratha, he was the first but there was forefathers who were just generals and leader of tiny tribes, historian don't name them as kings of Myanmar but leaders who were the creation of the Myanmar empire. So on, the monarch were powerful until the invasion of Britain for jewe ( Full Answer )

What they eat in myanmar?

For breakfast => Paratha, fried rice or sticky rice with boiled peas (whole yellow peas), Chinese cruller fried bread stick (You-Tiao), Mon-hinn-ga (Burmese fish noodle soup), Coconut noodle Lunch and dinner => Rice and curry, sour vegetable soup or noodles or Biryani

How old is Myanmar?

Myanmar can date back to as far as 2000 years, but the first officially known kingdom start at 1000 years, the Bagan Empire

What is postcode of Myanmar?

Myanmar ISO country codes ISO 2-alpha - MM ISO 3-alpha - MMR See related link below to International Postal Codes .

When was Myanmar discovered?

In the region, now part of the country- Myanmar (Burma), a group of Tibeto- Burman speaking people called 'Pyu' were the earliest people in the recorded history to settle there around 2nd BCE and built several Pyu city-states, mostly around Irrawady River. . Around 9th Century, another grou ( Full Answer )

What type of government Myanmar has?

Myanmar - or Burma as it was once called - is currently under the control of a military junta which toppled the previous, democratic government in 1962. The current rule has been characterized by Soviet-style government control and harsh crack-downs on those who have voiced opposition to the regime. ( Full Answer )

Is Myanmar a Monarchy?

No, it was a monarchy back in the 1800s, but later was colonized by the British. Now the military regime rule.

Does Myanmar have a Prime Minister?

No! Myanmar had a Prime Minister up until 2011 March 30th when the position was merged into that of the President.

Is wordpress available in Myanmar?

Absolutely yes! Wordpress can be used on everywhere around the world as long as you have an access to the Internet

What are the basic problems in Myanmar?

Problems of Myanmar: The basic problems of Myanmar can be classified into three areas: poverty, dictatorship, and illegal markets. First, the economy is improvised and largely based on sustenance agriculture where people are just trying to survive. In such poverty healthcare and education ar ( Full Answer )

What is the national food of Myanmar?

Rice and curry are staple food for lunch and dinner, and curries are almost spicy as thai food. Spicy curries with sauce are generally cooked by ginger, garlic, red pepper, fish sauce, onion and tomatoes, and used to cook it with a lot of sauce. Monhinkhar; rice noodle and coconut noodle is the mos ( Full Answer )

How do you become a lawyer or a prosecutor in Myanmar?

At first, you need to go to the university as a law student.After you completed your degree in law major you have to choose three different ways such as a Judicial officer, prosecutor and private lawyer.If you want to be a public servant officer in the law field as a judge or law officer(solicitor) ( Full Answer )

Why is Myanmar an LEDC?

"less developed country" Because they only upgrade their military, weapon, military medical university, technology. They do not want to upgrade public universities, cities,etc

What rights do citizens have in Myanmar?

i dont think that citizen in myanmar are given any fundamental a democracy each and every citizen have right to freedom of expresion but not in myanmar.right to live is not even fully secured and right to constitutional remidies is not their. i think life of myanmar's citizen is far worse ( Full Answer )

How was Myanmar chosen?

if they called Burma, it is not only burmese people live there, there are 8 major ethnic groups live in Myanmar with their own states. So they change their name from Burma to Myanmar.

Does Myanmar Burma have internet service?

Yes, if course Myanmar has internet service. It includes dial up, ADSL broadband, Wimax, Skynet and IP star. ADSL is widely used and speed is up to 2048 kbps. Mobile internet was introduced in 2009. GSM and CDMA 800 network can use internet. GSM speed is 64kbps and CDMA is 3mbps but reduced to 128kb ( Full Answer )

What are some celebrations in Myanmar?

These are some of the most famous celebrations, festivals and holidays of Myanmar. January/February - Independence Day (4th of January), this major public holiday is marked by a seven-day fair at Yangon's Kandawgyi lake, and nationwide fairs. - Union Day (12th of February), this day marks Bogyo ( Full Answer )

Who is the newest president of Myanmar?

Thein Sein (born 20 April 1945) is the President of Myanmar since March 2011. He is prevoiusly a Prime Minister from 2007-2011.

Why is Thailand the allies of myanmar?

They are not really at all. There are often border schirmishes (firing of grenades etc over the border) - and border crossings being closed. This has not happened for a couple of years now, but they are far from allies. They are both part of Asean.

Do the people in Myanmar have the right to vote?

yes , the people have the right to vote according to the so called democracy . At present the people can vote but not earlier during the time of aung san suu kyi

Is there any Samurais in Myanmar?

The samurai are no more. Only their traditions and arts remain. People do live by these codes, that's probably the closest you would get to a samurai. But I do know there are a few people in Myanmar who learn the arts and live by the code. Hope this helped!

Do people in Myanmar speak French?

For the most part, no . The majority of people in Myanmarspeak Burmese, which is the official language. The primary languageof instruction in Myanmar is English.

What are myanmars major religions?

The main religions of the country are Buddhism (89.2%), Christianity (5.0%), Islam (3.8%), Hinduism (0.5%), Spiritualism (1.2%) and others (0.2%). Religious intolerance or discrimination on grounds of religion is nonexistent in the Union of Myanmar throughout its long history.

What is Myanmar people and religion?

The Republic of the Union of Myanymar is more commonly known as Burma. The people who live in this country are from many ethnic groups, the largest being the Bamar. 89 percent of the population follow the Buddhist religion.

What is the main economic activity of Myanmar?

As of 2013, the main economic activity of Myanmar is agriculture, which makes up 75% of their economy. Myanmar or Burma is a country that is located in Southeast Asia.

What is the shape of Myanmar?

See the geography of Burma. It is a jagged hrombus with a peninsulaat the southeast and coast on southwest.