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Most of them. It is typically netbooks, which are smaller and mainly for internet, that do not have CD/DVD drives.

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Q: Do notebooks have CD drives
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Do some notebooks have a CD rom?


How many disk drives are there in a computer?

As many as needed. In laptops/notebooks there is usually only one hard disk. In a desktop or server there could be potentially any number of disk drives. If you mean a CD/DVD drive the same applies.

Addition of peripherals such as wireless network cards and hard drives to notebooks can be accomplished with the use of?

USB Ports enable use of External Devices such as Wireless Network Cards & Hard drives on Notebooks.

Do MacBook Airs have CD drives?

No. None of the models of MacBook Air have CD drives.

Does Hp make good cd drives?

Yes, their cd drives are very good.

Are CD drives the same as DVD drives?

No. CD drives are only capable of reading CDs, not DVDs. Most DVD drives can read CDs as well.

How do you create security for CD Floppy Drives in Windows?

don't leave cd's and floppys in the drives if they are important.

Do netbooks have CD drives?


Do Dell notebooks come with recovery CDs?

Yes, Dell notebooks come with recovery CD's. These CD's include whatever operating system you have installed and all of the programs you purchased with your laptop bundle.

Do notebooks have a DVD CD ROM disc drive?

Most do, but some do not.

What are some brands of CD drives?

There are a wide range of CD drives available for purchase. Some of the more familiar brands of CD drives are Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Sony and Yamaha.

Where can you buy DVD CD drives?

One can buy dvd cd drives online through sites such as Amazon and eBay. Stores like Staples and Best Buy also sell dvd cd drives. Target and Sears, some locations, also sell dvd cd drives.

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