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my parents dont! lol

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โˆ™ 2010-10-01 11:12:53
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Q: Do parents think 15year olds should drink?
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Why do parents not think there kids should have phones?

i think that most parents think that it is a distraction

Should parents encourage their children to drink?

No because then you child will think it's okay to drink a lot and may develop drinking problems. It's okay to have a drink with your son/daughter once in awhile when they are over 21, but not a lot.

If your parents will not let you date someone you really like what can you do?

You should tell your parents that you think you should be able to date when you think you are old enough.

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I do not think that they should be able to do this.

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I don't think people should drink at all but probably 18 or older.

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I think you should avoid it

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what i do is drink ginger ale, and lots of water. i think you could also drink tea...

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i think you should start cooking when your parents think its safe enough for you.

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Of course not! our parents rased us

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I think you should leave that question to your parents.

If you like a boy and he likes you and you want to ask him out but your parents think you should wait until you are older what should you do?

Mind your Parents!

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