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I don't think so.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-29 15:39:48
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Q: Do people from New York eat raw bacon?
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What is a pigs preditor?

people, cuz farmers kill them then they tern them into bacon then people eat the bacon.

What foods did people eat in colonial New York.?

== == The first McDonald's was openned in New York in 1645.

When did the giant beaver live?

they live in canada and eat bacon and eggs for breakfast but they dont eat people and like candy and bacon did i mention bacon

What did people eat in the new york colony?

fish gfjd

What kind of food do people eat in Arkansas?

the people eat just the same things that people in new york eat. hope this helps

Do people eat male pigs?

Yes, people eat male pigs as bacon or as ham.

What do people in Argentina normally eat for lunch?


What did people eat for breakfast on the Titanic?

eggs and bacon.

What do people eat at the seaside?

lots of bacon and crab

What did people eat in New York?

People eat a wide variety of foods in New York. This includes American food, Japanese food, Thai food, Greek food, as well as Mexican food.

What types of foods do people eat in Peru?

they eat gerbiles with bacon for lunch

What is the original delmonico dish you would eat in the city of New York?

The original delmonico dish people can eat in New york are delmonico potatoes. They were created the 1830s by an unknown chef at Delmonico's Restaurant in New York City.

Do rat eat bacon?

Yes they can eat bacon.

Why won't you eat bacon?

Because to some people bacon is fat and oily to some people like the one who is answering your question.

Did the french eat bacon?

Yes, the french did eat bacon!

Are people supose to eat swine?

A swine is a pig... And pigs make bacon, pork and ham. Which people eat.

What do rats in New York City eat?

rats in New York eat rotting food and garbage

First people to land on new york?

grow plants to have food made to eat

What sort of food do people eat in New York?

Hotdogs, Cheesecake, cornedbeef on rye!

Why don't people eat pigs?

They do but some are vegetarians. people eat pork, bacon and sausages which is a pig which has been butchered.

Do crabs eat bacon?

yeah and they get it from the crab diner... NO THEY DONT EAT BACON

What is the freaking point of tofu bacon?

It's an alternative to bacon so that people who can't eat the real thing can have the tofu version.Um... I'm guess you don't like it, huh? That's okay, you don't have to eat it. But some people have either chosen not to or cannot eat bacon - this is so they don't feel left out.

Is it ok for a dog to eat burnt bacon?

Sure. Although some people believe no one should eat bacon because of carcinogens, and that would apply to dogs too.

How much bacon can you healthly eat per week?

You can only eat bacon useless you eat borgers with it

What do people eat in new yorkk?

In New York they eat the same as we do.such as fruit.vegatables,chococlate,sweets,fish,dairy,meat.They eat the exact same. amyy answered this x