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How do you stop your voices in your brain?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by "voices in your brain." If you mean the "inner monologue" that everyone has, the voices that mean your brain is working away, then the way to quiet that down is to learn meditation. People who meditate and learn how to relax and pay attention to the world around them, will learn to shut off the thoughts and simply "be." If you mean that you hear voices that do not seem to be your own thoughts, then you should see a doctor. Many things can cause you to "hear voices" - schizophrenia is one illness, but there are actually many that can cause this condition. Taking illegal drugs often causes you to hallucinate, and many drug addicts hear and see things that are not really there. Illnesses like schizophrenia can be controlled and treated by medication and therapy - drug addiction can also be treated, although it is harder to control than an illness like schizophrenia.

Does schizophrenia go away in time?

No, schizophrenia does not go away in time without proper professional medical treatment. In most cases, without treatment, schizophrenia will become much worse over time.

What is wrong with you if you hear and see thinks?

This could be a sign of Schizophrenia. Or possibly some other type of psychosis. This can be serious and you should see a doctor right away.

Which Amendments take away any rights of the people?

I only know that Amendment III takes away any right of the people.

What is the difference between psychosis and schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a form of psychosis. All psychosis involves losing touch with reality. In schizophrenia this is a chronic concition which often involves hearing voices which disparage the schizophrenic or command him to do something. There are many types of psychoses. Refer to the DSM IV for more details. Schizophrenia has a genetic basis for psychotic symptoms. Mental illness runs in families. However, there are other reasons for why someone can become psychotic. The most common is drug-induced, and psychiatrists will say that there is no way to know for sure if the patient's psychosis is caused by drugs or if they have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. That's where family history is helpful, as well of drug-testing. Some people can have a psychotic episode from taking certain prescription drugs. The difference with schizophrenia is that it will not go away when the person stops taking drugs, although some drugs do have residual effects that can last for some time. The most common forms of psychosis are auditory hallucinations, (hearing voices in one's head), paranoia and delusions. Schizophrenics can also have what are called "negative symptoms", meaning that they isolate, avoiding all social interactions, stop being interested in previous things they once enjoyed, fail to keep up with daily hygiene. They may have what is called "inappropriate affect", responding to things in the opposite manner of most people, such as laughing at something serious.

Did people embrace Arnold Schoenberg's work right away?

No, False.

Do children run away because they're cool?

No. They run away from home because they have mental issues like depression or schizophrenia or because their family mistreats them.

What right did the white people take away from the aborigines?

The right to live on their traditional lands in their traditional way.

The abbreviation of right away?

What is the abbr for right away?

will i get my grant right away?

will i get my grant right away

Why did Eleanor Roosevelt write a book?

It was the only way to make the voices go away.

Who thought people couldn't government themselves?

Me. And lots of other people. And we're right. The people just proved they are incapable of self-governance by electing a president who will take away that right.

When did braille become popular?

1821, right when Louis Braille devised it. It caught on right away with all of the blind people.

What is the meaning of might is right?

It means that people in positions of power often can get away with things that other people can't.

Who has the right away at a 4 way stop?

The person who arrives first has the right away. If you both get there at the same time, then the person to the right has the right away.

What rights were taken away from the Native Americans by the American people?

the right to peace & harmony, the right to exist, the right to have our children, the right to feed ourselves, the right to our homeland...... stuff like that

How do people affect lakes?

they take a dump right out of their boats and throw away condoms

When do people have a right to rebel against their government?

when the government takes away peoples rights

Why did Montezuma not attack the Spaniards right away?

He was out gunned. He had more people, but they had horses and guns.

Why has the right to education been important for Saudi Arabia?

it has been important because some people dont have the right to learn right away and they believe that learning is a privilege not a right

How did people die on the great wall?

if people tried to run away from it, the guards would burrie you alive right were you were standing!

How is international law made?

I think the law is made by police thinks what you can get away with and what people cant get away with and what police think is right and what is wrong

What is the lifespan of a schizophrenia?

Lifespan??? The entire life!! There is no cure for it and it doesn't just "go away". You can subside the effects of it through through medication and therapy.

How long does it take to be a vegetarian?

You can become a vegetarianright away. Some people take it gradually.

Do you have to clean a crab right away after cooking?

No, you can refrigerate it and clean it later, but some people will say that it tastes better when cleaned right after cooking.