Do people speak Swiss?

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Yes the Swiss speak Swiss to people who are Swiss unless the

people they are speaking to are not Swiss in which case they will

not speak Swiss to them. Of coarse they do that's why there is a

courtry called Switzerland . It is Switzerland, in central Europe,

is the land of the Alps. Its tallest peak is the Dufourspitze at

15,203 ft (4,634 m) on the Swiss side of the Italian border, one of

10 summits of the Monte Rosa massif. The tallest peak in all of the

Alps, Mont Blanc (15,771 ft; 4,807 m), is actually in France. Most

of Switzerland is composed of a mountainous plateau bordered by the

great bulk of the Alps on the south and by the Jura Mountains on

the northwest. The country's largest lakes-Geneva, Constance

(Bodensee), and Maggiore-straddle the French, German-Austrian, and

Italian borders, respectively. The Rhine, navigable from Basel to

the North Sea, is the principal inland waterway.

Answer The speaking of the language has nothing to do with the

geographical position of the country or the height of the mountains


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