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Yes the Swiss speak Swiss to people who are Swiss unless the people they are speaking to are not Swiss in which case they will not speak Swiss to them. Of coarse they do that's why there is a courtry called Switzerland . It is Switzerland, in central Europe, is the land of the Alps. Its tallest peak is the Dufourspitze at 15,203 ft (4,634 m) on the Swiss side of the Italian border, one of 10 summits of the Monte Rosa massif. The tallest peak in all of the Alps, Mont Blanc (15,771 ft; 4,807 m), is actually in France. Most of Switzerland is composed of a mountainous plateau bordered by the great bulk of the Alps on the south and by the Jura Mountains on the northwest. The country's largest lakes-Geneva, Constance (Bodensee), and Maggiore-straddle the French, German-Austrian, and Italian borders, respectively. The Rhine, navigable from Basel to the North Sea, is the principal inland waterway.

Answer The speaking of the language has nothing to do with the geographical position of the country or the height of the mountains .

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Q: Do people speak Swiss?
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What does Swiss people speak?

(Swiss) German, French, Italian and Romansh, depending on the region.

How you say thank you in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. Swiss German: Danke Merci French: Merci In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. Swiss German: Danke Merci French: Merci

How do people greet each other in Swiss?

There is no such language as "Swiss". The people in Switzerland speak one or more of the following official languages.... * German, * French, * Italian, * Romansh

Which German is spoken in Switzerland?

The Swiss speak Swiss German.

How do you say do you speak Swiss in French?

Est-ce que tu parles suisse ? Note that there is no language called Swiss. The Swiss speak French, Swiss German, Italian and Romansh.

Do Amish people speak Swiss' German?

nah mate, Pennsylvanian dutch.

Can Amish speak Swiss?

Switzerland does not have a Swiss language. German, French and Italian are spoken there. The Amish speak a dialect of German.

How many languages do Amish people speak?

Three. English, Pensylvania German and Swiss German.

How do the Swiss spell Switzerland?

Switzerland has 3 official languages, German(63.1% of Swiss speak it), French (20.4% of Swiss speak it), and Italian (6.5% of Swiss speak it) Spelling Switzerland would depend on what language. In German, the main language, it is spelt Schweiz. In French it is spelt Suisse. In Italian it is spelt Svizzera.

How do you say yes in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. Swiss German: ja [ya] -or- Jo [yo]

Is Swiss a language?

It doesn't make much sense to have 'Swiss' as certificate for a language... in Switzerland German, french, Italian and the latin based rumantsch are official languages. While rumantsch is 100% Swiss only, the other three exist in Swiss dialect forms. Although official writtings now use the 'real' German, french, Italian people speak the dialects... Swiss Italian with one to one latin parts and Swiss German beeing a form of medieval German... If someone looks for certain documents in different languages in Switzerland, the person will see that there is never a Swiss flag. German documents show Germany's flag, french papers the drapeau of France and the Italian ones the tricolore of Italy. If Swiss people call their language 'Swiss', they mainly think of Swiss German... as Swiss french is closer to the 'real' french, and Swiss Italian is often called 'ticinese' (as that's the main region where people speak Swiss Italian). But overall there is no 'Swiss' only used for one language...

What do Swiss people eat?

Swiss people eat EVERYTHING!!!!!

What languages does mirka federer speak?

swiss german

Do they speak yiddish in Switzerland?

A small number of the Jews there do. Other Swiss speak German, Italian, French, English, etc.

Do most of the people in Switzerland speak more than one language?

Many people in Switzerland, but not all, speak a second language which they have learnt in school. This can either be another Swiss language (German or French), or it can be English.

Are people in Switzerland Swiss or Switz?


What is 'live' when translated from English in Switzerland?

In Switzerland they speak four official languages, in order of popularity: High German (although most German-speaking Swiss speak Swiss German dialects), French, Italian, and Romansch. It is worth noting that most Swiss only speak one of these languages, whichever is used in the local canton (e.g. people in Zurich, Bern, or Basel will speak Swiss German, people in Geneva, Neuchatel, or Jura will speak French, and people in Lugano will speak Italian). Most Swiss also speak English, so communication is not impossible if you do not speak any of the Swiss languages.German:to live = leben (means either to be alive or to live somewhere - "He lives in Switzerland"/"Er lebt in der Schweiz") or wohnen (means only to live somewhere - "She lives in Switzerland"/"Sie wohnt in der Schweiz")Swiss-German*:The common Swiss dialect of the German 'leben' is 'lebe'.To describe that something is live, like in "live concert", you just use the English word = live.*Swiss-German is not an official language, but a dialect of German. This dialect varys from region to region, and so is not universally used across Switzerland.French:to live = vivre (meaning to be alive) or habiter à (meaning to have residence in a location).Italian:to live = vivere (meaning to be alive) or abitare (meaning to have residence in a location).While Romansch is an official language, almost nobody speaks Romansch and those that do, usually speak German, Italian, or English as well.

Did Captain Eddie Rickenbacker speak German or Swiss-German?

His parents were German speaking Swiss immigrants.

How do you say your friend in Swiss?

There is no "Swiss language". Swiss people either speak German, French, Italian, or Rhaeto-Romansch. The language you would use would depend on which canton you are visiting. German: dein Freund French: ton ami Italian: tuo amico

What languages are spoken in Liechtenstein?

The official language of liechtenstein is Standard German, but most people speak Swiss German or Walser German.There are also a large number of foreign-born people living in liechtenstein, so there are many foreign languages spoken there.They speak German in Liechtenstein.T.hey speak GermanThe official language is German but most speak Alemannic, a dialect of German.GermanGerman is the official languageGermanIn Liechtenstein they speak German.SwissThey speak a dialect of German.

Where do Swiss people come from?

The Swiss come from Switzerland.

What percentage of Switzerland speak German?

According to the last census in 2000, 63.6% of Swiss speak German.

How do you say welcome in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. Swiss German: Willkommen/Wilchomme (ch is spoken in the back of the throat, it makes a scratching noise) French: Bienvenue

Did the Swiss invent an electric comb?

swiss people did not invent the electric comb it was not any of the people in swiss they did invent watches and clocks.

Is french an official language in switzerland?

Most Swiss people speak German, French and Italian so French is one of the official languages