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Standard phone calls don't use the internet.

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Mobile porn, calls, internet, text, etc.

No, however you can use Skype on PDA phones with wifi internet and do free texting. The Apple iPhone 2.0 may soon allow for video conferencing

They are good for calling, texting, and some can browse the internet. Some phones also multitask which is good if you get a lot of phone calls and you have to put people on hold or make a call and use the internet. I hope this was helpful.

A land line is any phone in a building (and pay phones too) that are plugged into a phone jack and use telephone wires to transport calls. It can also be a service like Vonage that uses the internet to transport calls. Cell phones use signals that are transported by towers and don't use phone lines or the internet.

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.

Hi Dear, To make free phone calls you can use internet. There are many programs that let you make free phone calls using internet. such as you can hook Google Voice with Sipgate and use it to make free phone calls. There are also so many other ways. I will add some links below for you to see for yourself. Regards, dinwal

You can use skype to make free internet phone calls as long as the other person that you are calling has skype. It is a great service you should try it out.

You can use skype to make free internet phone calls as long as the other person that you are calling has skype. It is a great service you should try it out.

to make calls and get in contact with other people around the world and for other reasons

Voice Over IP Phones (VOIP phones) can be a great money saver for many cost conscious consumers. Internet phone services allow calls to be placed just like regular phone calls, except they use an internet connection. VOIP phones allow users to place calls around for world for only pennies a minute, and are often cheaper to use than many long distance discount cards. It's important to remember that many VOIP providers do not allow emergency calls to be placed. Many services are unable to tell where a user is, and do not allow people to place 911 calls. It's important to keep a backup cell phone on hand for any emergency calls. Any cell phone without a plan can be used to place 911 calls.

Skype is a online application where you are able to make voice calls over the internet. You may also use skype to video conference with other users. When you make voice calls, if you are contacting a skpe member it is free, and on the other hand when you contact someone who is not a member you will be charged.

Voice Over IP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a clever way of using the internet to make long distance phone calls. There are three different ways of using VoIP: computer-to-computer, ATA or IP phones. Through computer to computer, you simply need the software, a microphone and speakers to make calls to other computers. ATA stands for analog telephone adapter, which alows you to plug in a piece of hardware that connects your phone to your internet provider. There are also special IP phones you can purchase that look similar to regular phones but use an ethernet connector rather than a phone cord so that you do not require a special phone adapter.

It allows you to place calls through the internet They are either computer based where you buy the program and only use your computer to make calls or programs that use the actual ordinary regular or cordless phone to make calls but through the internet. Allows you to place calls over the internet to save money by not needing a phone service. Only regular monthly internet costs are needed. The catch it its only included with your internet if you are calling another IP phone. An IP phone is a great way to use your internet connection to call anywhere. Some great IP companies are Vonage and Skype.

A data call is a call that is made over a data network such as when you use Wi-Fi or 3G. Voice Over Internet Protocol are data calls. They are calls that use an Internet connection.

All cell phones have typically the same features. They will all let you make US and International calls. Most cell phone providers will charge you an extra fee for international calls.

To use the Magic Jack application to make free calls to Philippines make sure that you have an active internet connection and you are connected to Wifi.

Yes, actually, internet phones are becoming very popular. The technology is called Voice Over IP or VoIP, and Wikipedia has a page devoted to it. go here They have a whole section explaining VoIP

Landline phones come in wired and wireless handset varieties and are generally stationed in a home or business. Mobile phones connected cellular towers while satellite phones make their connections through satellites as the name suggests. Finally, voice over IP phones use the Internet to make their connections.

You only pay if you want to make calls to landlines or cell phones. Using voice mail also has a small fee.

There are specific phones that use cell phone tracking, not all use such a feature. Some older phones are not able to be tracked, and some phones only allow tracking by 911 calls.

Yes, I use it from my iphone. I assume there is a way to get it in app form on other smart phones. The only problem is that you can only chat over 3G with skype. Obviously the phone companies don't want you to be making free calls over their internet service. However, if you have access to wifi, you can make calls from a smart phone over skype.

we loose the use of internet and cell phones.

Internet, mobile phones, ipod touch.