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Do photographers need to charge sales tax for services in Wisconsin?

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Yes. You can call the WI department of revenue for questions, and they also have their current reculations here:

Photography is code 11.47, so you have to scroll down to find it.

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Does Wisconsin charge sales tax on labor?


Do photographers need to charge sales tax in Florida?

There is not a definitive answer, if found the following...According to a document from MyFlorida.com"Photographers: Some photographers sell tangible personal property with the services they provide. Often this makes the entire charge taxable. They also buy goods from other states and import them for use in Florida."

Do photographers need to charge sales tax in Texas?

Do photographers need to charge sales tax for services in New Jersey?

Yes. Photographers must collect 7% sales tax on products (photos, etc) and services (shoot fees, charges for editing, etc) when sold in NJ. The services that a photographer provides are considered to be producing tangible personal property (i.e. photographs) which is taxable in NJ. Please note: If you are sending the finished product electronically to your customer, and no tangible print will be issued, sales tax is not due. Also, photographers may be able to receive a tax break on equipment purchased for use in the profession. For example, a professional photographer can purchase cameras, tripods, films/memcards (or repairs to such equip) without paying NJ sales tax on the purchase. NJ exemption certificate ST-4 must be used by photographers for these types of tax-free purchases. For more information, please see NJ's sales tax publication ANJ-2 for photographers at:

Can you charge sales tax on catering labor and services in California?


Are you required to pay sales tax on residential cleaning services?

Depends on the state. Some states charge sales tax on services, and some do not.

What types of events does 24h have for photographers?

The types of events that 24h has for photographers are sales. They have tons of sales on merchandise for photography, such as cameras or film for pictures.

Do you charge sales tax for landscaping?

Taxes vary by jurisdiction. In Ontario (where I am typing) you would charge the goods and services tax (GST).

Do you charge sales tax for cleaning a business in Nebraska?

Janitorial services are taxable in Nebraska. S

What services does the Wisconsin company Cadre offer?

The Cadre service in Wisconsin offers one of the largest staffing services out of all the staffing and job help companies in Wisconsin. Candre service offers in depth classes on accounting, administrative work, banking, customer service, human resources, purchasing, and sales.

Oregon resident buys merchandise out of state do you they have to pay sales tax?

No, just show proof of residency of Oregon and you are set to go! They do how ever charge sales tax on food "services" and other "services" like oil change and other "services".

Does a moving company have to pay sales tax?

In general a company buying items for resale or use in the manufacture of another product or service does not pay sales tax.If your question was do you pay sales tax on a moving companies services it depends on the state. Some states tax some services and not others, some states don't charge sales tax on any services. In some cases there are federal sales taxes called "Excise taxes" or fees charged on services.

Do you charge sales tax for irrigation work?

No you do not charge sales tax on irrigation.

Is alcohol cheaper in Wisconsin or Illinois?

Wisconsin has a lower sales tax than Illinois.

Can you charge sales tax on labor in Oklahoma?

Do you charge sales tax on labor in Oklahoma

What is difference between IT sales and IT services?

Sales sell things, services keep them working.

Is there a sales tax on landscaping services?

Usually sales taxes are charged on goods and not on services. If you are selling items such as plants and providing services such as planting, design work, grass cutting, etc then you need to be careful how you invoice such items. If you invoice for landscaping services which including planting grass and shrubs, trees, etc. and you invoice the entire amount as one charge then the total charge is subject to sales tax. Your invoice should be set up carefully by dividing plants, fertilizer, lime, etc separately and apply sales tax to this amount then have labor billed separately on the invoice and you will not apply sales tax to the labor portion. This applies to contractors or all types and anyone who sell material and services. If they are not divided on the invoice that you give to the client then you will be responsible for sales tax on the entire amount.

What does sales of services mean?

sales of services means rendering sercices or providing someone a service.

What is sales representative?

A sales representative is one who represents a company for selling its goods and services. The main role of sales representative is to do sales and promote the company's products and services.

Do you charge sales tax on labor in Tennessee?

do we need to charge sales tax on labor in nashville tennessee

Can you charge sales tax on catering labor in Florida?

Florida sales tax applies to catering services, including the labor. However, if you hired someone just to provide services, with no food, then there would be no sales tax. I'm a Florida Attorney/CPA that does almost nothing by Florida sales and use tax controversy. I hope this answer helps. James Sutton, CPA, Esq. www FloridaSalesTax com

Does Texas charge sales tax for house cleaning services?

No, they don't believe in charging taxes and people don't have enough money for taxe pay!!

What is the meaning of revenue income?

Income generated by sales of goods or services. Income generated by sales of goods or services.

What will be your Salary table for photographers?

It's all over the place. Every company that hires photographers pays different. The photographers at places like the photo studio at Walmart are on commission, because that's more a sales job than a photography job. Also, many photographers have their own businesses, and make however much they can make.

Is Depreciation of sales equipment sales expense?

Yes you can charge those depreciation cost to cost of sales. You should try to charge the depreciation to the relevant area where feasible.