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Missiles do not home on lights; they generally target the hot exhaust from the engine. The navigation and beacon lights on a jet are turned off to prevent them being seen by the enemy; they are never turned off on a commercial aircraft (except obviously when the aircraft is not in use).


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A heat seeking missile is basically a homing missile, that only searches for heat (there is lava on one side and a computer on the other side. The heat seeking missile will hit the lava because lava is WAY HOTTER than the computer).

missile-borne and non-missile-borne "countermeasures" equipment as radar jamming devices, underwater countermeasures technology, beamriders, infrared homing systems

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The missile itself would work fine. However, for most anti-aircraft missiles, they usually are already at mach when they leave the launcher. The g-force generated by that kind of instantaneous thrust would throw you quite a distance. Liquid fueled missiles, on the other hand, require a "winding up" time. That means they start off fairly slowly and gradually gain speed over a few miles. As far as the homing devices, the transceiver is traditionally mounted on the nose cone and would be unaffected. That is assuming, of course, that it is an active missile. Various types of passive missiles have all the logistical data sent to it by a third party computer and your presence would not affect it's function. Most missiles would adapt to your body weight because they are designed to adapt to adverse weather. Your weight would probably just be viewed by the missile as some weird wind resistance.

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Modern submarines carry a wide variety of weapons. An example of a U.S. Navy Fast-Attack Submarine weapons capability includes: Homing Torpedoes (Active and Passive Sonar) Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile (Conventional and Nuclear) Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile Mines Ballistic Missile submarines can carry those weapons as well, but their primary mission is Nuclear Deterrence, and as such their main weapons are Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM's).

Elevator auto-homing sends the elevator to a predetermined floor when not in use. This is usually the first floor. Hydraulic jacks and cables raises and lowers the elevator cars.

Missiles have a guidance system, a "brain" (computer), telemetry gear, warhead (or payload), fuel, and fins. They are either active, semi-active, or passive. Active means that they send out their own RF (radio frequency) trying to identify the target. Think of it as a dolphin trying to find a fish using echolocation. It's the same principle. The reflected RF is returned to the missile and its computer adjusts its current course accordingly to the target. A semi-active missile has a third party source transmitting RF towards the target and the reflection is returned to the missile. A passive missile uses RF emissions from the target as it's homing. Essentially, the target itself is telling the missile where it is.

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