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Plants can not feel pain

Plants can react to stimuli, but they have no central nervous system, so they cannot feel pain.

Studies have been done on plants by reputable sources e.g. The Smithsonian, but they have merely showed plants reacting to sunlight, drugs, and various stimuli.

There are no peer-reviewed studies showing that plants are conscious in any way or that they can feel pain. No credible scientific groups have published papers to this effect.

Unlike almost every animal, plants are not sentient.

Many people say that plants feel pain as an excuse to continue eating animals. However, more plants are killed to satisfy a carnist diet than a vegan diet, so even if it were true that plants can feel pain, the argument still makes no sense.

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Plants do not feel pain, and there is no credible scientific evidence to the contrary. Plants lack the sensory organs and nerves to receive painful stimuli, and they lack a central nervous system to perceive pain and react to it. In addition, organisms do not evolve complex responses to stimuli unless there is an evolutionary advantage to them to do so. Because plants are unable to move away from a painful stimulus, there is no evolutionary advantage to them to develop the ability to perceive pain.

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Q: Do plants feel pain
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