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Yes , they work in rain , snow etc.

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Q: Do police officers work in all weather?
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How do animal control officers do there job?

Well they are kind of like animal police officers but it depends on if they work for just the city or if they work for the city police department so it all depends.

Do police officers get vacations?

Yes all police officers are given leave. But the main problem is that in case of riots, or a vip visit it can be al cancelled and they have to report for work..

Are police officers federal?

There are police officers at every level of government. Federal, state, county, city and agencies all can have sworn police officers.

How many police officers are on the San Jose police department?

1360 Officers of all ranks.

Is there a patron saint for female police officers?

Not in particular, buut for all police officers, St.Raphael.

What is a police recruit?

A police recruit is someone who is seeking employment with a police agency or who has been hired by an agency. Officers who are in the police academy or out on their first months of work are called recruits. Once they have completed all their training and qualifications, they are called police officers.

How many police officers are on the Cleveland police department?

In 2007 there were 1584 sworn officers of all ranks on the Cleveland Police Department.

Why are all Police Officers Sadists?

They aren't.

How many police officers are with anchorage police?

As of August of 2009, the sworn staff of the Anchorage Police Department was 561 officers, of all ranks.

Which type of police officers accounts for two-thirds of all sworn officers?

Uniformed Patrol Officers

Can a police officer be charged with anything?

Police officers must obey the same laws that you do. Police officers are arrested all the time around the world.

How many police officers are in the Toledo OH Police Department?

There were 721 sworn officers of all ranks on the Toledo Ohio Police Department as of 12-31-2009.

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