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Do radiator sealants work and are they safe?

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no.they eat up your hoses so the best thing for that is to take it to the radiator shop it should't cost no more than 100.00 to have fixed and install back on the vehicle

2015-07-15 18:25:15
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Q: Do radiator sealants work and are they safe?
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Is it safe to drive with no water in your water tank?

If you mean no water in the radiator, the answer is NO.

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Will a 1999 Cadillac DeVille radiator work in a 2000 Cadillac DeVille?

Will a 99 Cadillac deville radiator work in a 2000 Seville

How can you fix a radiator leak?

There are radiator sealants available at many auto parts stores. I personally have never been able to get them to work though another good way to seal a leak if it is on the aluminum part of the radiator is to solder it with silver solder. However, in general the only real solution is a new radiator. if your in a bind and your desperate and just so happen to have eggs available keep in mind that you can throw a couple of them in your radiator when its still warm and the eggs will cook and when they do they will fill the cracks a little so you can limp it somewhere, no racing.. hope this helps... oh ya do this while its running for those of you with less common sense than us other people

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How much pepper do you have to put in a radiator to stop a leak?

YOUR WASTING PEPPER. It won't work. Replace the radiator.

Is it safe to remove the radiator cap on a 1999 Buick Century when the engine is cool?


How does a car radiator system work?

it work with water on it,and cool power of engine

Are head gasket sealants good for car?

No, absolutely not.

Why radiator fan don't go on?

I check radiator fan, and relays and they are good, what can be a problem when my car reaches temperature to open termostat radiator fan does not work

Where do i add radiator sealant in 2000 saturn?

On a 2000 Saturn you should probably replace whatever part is leaking rather than gum it up with a sealant. If you must use a sealant you would remove the pressurized radiator cap.(This cap may not be on the radiator on all models. It may be located on a plastic surge tank located separate from the radiator.) Once the engine has reached full operating temperature add the sealant in to the rest of the coolant. Top off the coolant and replace cap. Run engine or drive for 10 minutes. Then shut the car off and allow to cool completely. NOTE:Radiator sealants will not stop leaks of rotating shaft seals(water pumps). Additionally, modern engines such as the ones used in Saturns have tight engine clearances and small water passages through aluminum parts. Sealants are a safe bet to use on the over-sized cast iron engines of days of yore, but a modern engine is isn't made for that kind of gunk surging through its veins.

How does a radiator work?

AnswerRadiators work by radiating heat into the air and cooling the engine. Coolant flows through the engine block and then to the radiator. The cooling fan helps keep the radiator cool allowing the heat to be put out into the air. This is correct

Does the radiator have to be drained before the black pepper will work?


What is a radiator guard?

usually a screen frame to keep toddlers and clothing away from a hot radiator. For incandescent radiators, (such as electric and gas), 1 metre is a safe distance.

Is it safe to top off a radiator with water?

As a temporary fix yes, but when flushing and refilling a radiator, be sure to put in a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze.

What is the Cause of radiator cap breaking?

The spring on the bottom of a radiator cap will cause it to fail. If the spring does not work properly it can lead to pressure escaping from the radiator which can overheat the vehicle.

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Is it safe to use permatex plastic weld on a car radiator?

I doubt very much it will hold.

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