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Do school vending machines add to the growing rate of obesity in North America?

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Because we have become a society of fast-paced living it's easy to grab a bag of chips, get a MacDonald's hamburger, drink pop and simply stuff our faces with anything that is easy and ready to eat (and these are the culprits loaded with fats, salt and sugar.) Food industries DON'T CARE about your health and it's all about money! Obesity is really on the rise in both the U.S. and Canada. Canada has decided to take all junk food and pop machines out of the high schools. The kids don't like it much, and to my way of thinking it really doesn't do much because the kids turn up their noses at salads or other good foods the school cafeterias have to offer and buy their junk food elsewhere. School cafeterias are trying to come up with better tasting and more nutritious meals for kids. Taking the machines out of the high school only proves one thing .... to make students aware (and some are listening) that these foods are not healthy and are the cause of over-weight young people (adults are also included in the fast food chains.) There is no government that can force anyone in society, including students, to stop eating junk food. Another problem is both parents working, but governments can pressure the food chains as to what fats they can put into their foods and even the U.S. is hopping on the wagon with this one. Teens often come home to an empty house and eat what is quick and easy so they can either SIT behind their computer, lounge around watching TV or some may have sports practices and need to leave home in a hurry. About the only exercise some of them ever see is night club dancing (there are a few kids into sports or other activities.) I think teens are quite capable of knowing what is good for them and what is not. Some teens whine at the top of their lungs that they are responsible, can make up their own minds, so .... DO IT! Stuffing one's face with junk food produces fat people! There are a few genetically prone people that can eat junk food and never gain weight, but, this does not mean they won't have poor health from it. There are no magic pills out there. Eat well, exercise and be aware of what you are putting into your mouth and you shouldn't have a weight problem unless you have a thyroid or adrenal gland problem. Some medications such as antidepressants can cause weight gain, but even if one is taking antidepressants they should be aware of this and can be careful what they eat. I was put on antidepressants when I was in my 30s and gained a lot of weight (I felt so good I honestly didn't realize how much weight I'd gained because I never had to battle my weight to stay slim.) When I found out I did something about it. I went to Weight Watchers and lost 40 lbs., and I've managed to keep it off. I no longer have to take antidepressants, but I am much older and need to keep an eye on my weight gain. Too thin or too heavy isn't good for anyone and causes more diseases. I'm betting the teens in high school will start using some of that intelligence and start making healthier lifestyle changes. Good for those that do!

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