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Snails prefer warm weather. Cold weather may cause them to hibernate.

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Do snails die in hot or cold weather?

warm water

Do rabbits like the warm or cold weather?

they like cold weather

Do bald eagles like warm or cold weather?

warm weather

What is weather like in Pennsylvania?

The weather is generally like a warm/cold temperature. It's in the middle of hot/warm and freezing/cold

What kind of weather do alpacas like?

warm weather

Do insects like warm or cold weather?

warm weather,because insects would die from the cold or die from starvation.

Do whitetail deer like warm or cold weather?


Do Netherland Dwarf rabbits like warm of cold weather?

They like colder weather.

Does chimpanzees like hot or cold weather?

Chimps live in equatorial Africa, where it is warm. So, they like warm weather.

What weather does a tortoise live in?

I believe that they like the warm weather and hibernate in the cold weather.

Do ball pythons like warm or cold water?

Warm, humid weather

Do ants like the hot or cold climate?

yes they don't like the cold weather very much the like the warm weather better

Do pandas live in hot and cold weather?

No they like warm not to cold or hot

Are sea snails warm or cold blooded?

snails are cold blooded, so sea snails are most likely to be the same. hope this helps!

What is the weather like in April?

its warm but that comes with its spring {ish} its not that hot but its not that cold. its not warm it under neath cold

What is the weather like in Spain in July?

hot or warm not cold

What are some ways that moving air masses can affect weather?

it can make it cold like in a cold front or warm like in a warm front

What temperature do lizards like?

They like warm weather because they are cold blooded.

Do alligatoras live in cold or hot weather?

they live in warm weather but they can live in cold weather because they are warm blooded.

What is the weather like in Greece?

In Greece the weather is normally warm/hot . But it can be stormy and cold in Winter.

Do fleas like warm weather?

yes because fleas aren't normally out in cold weather.

Does a cat groom itself more in cold weather or in warm weather?

Warm weather.

Do mice like cold weather?

No, they always try to get to someplace warm

Do ducks like warm or cold weather?

they don't mind either

What the weather like on the moon?

cold and dark somtimes warm if you are lucky