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Do some women produce the hgc hormone slower in pregnancy than others that makes the pregnancy test be negative?

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Can you get negative home pregnancy tests are exactly 2 weeks late for your period but have light bleeding and still be pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests dont work for some women. It just really depends on the rate your body produces the hormone HCG some women produce it slower then others.

What drugs can give you a false negative on a pregnancy test?

Pills such as xanex adderal and a few others can alter a pregnancy test.

Are all home pregnancy tests the same at detecting pregnancy?

Yes and no. All home pregnancy tests are decting the same hormone, HCG, a hormone that is produced by the developing placenta. However, all home pregnancy tests do not detect HCG at the same levels. So some brands may show positive results sooner than others.

What are the ways hormone secretion is regulated?

Hormone secretion is very complex and is regulated by three main mechanisms. The first, and most common, is negative feedback. The others are positive feedback and neural control.

Could I be pregnant if I took several pregnancy tests and some came out positive and some came out negative?

Yes. Some pregnancy test are more sensitive than others.

What hormone are made in the pituitary gland?

Growth hormone and others I can't think of.

Do a pregnancy test first and its saying positive and the others are saying negative?

If it doesn't give you a positive answer the best would be going to the doctor and get tested there.

What hormones has more target cells in the body than any of the others Antidiuretic hormone corticotropin releasing hormone growth hormone or oxytocin?

growth hormone

What causes nausea in pregnancy?

nausea is usually caused by the rapid change in hormone levels while pregnant. it usually settles by the 2nd trimester....but some get sickness worse than others.

Can you take a pregnancy test during implantation bleeding?

Taking a test during implantation bleeding would not give you an accurate result, your embryo doesn't start producing HCG (pregnancy hormone) until it is implanted fully, then it takes a few days to get into your urine, that is what the pregnancy test is looking for. I'd wait 3-4 days. Sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks after implantation to get a BFP. Some women don't produce HCG as fast as others.

3 positive pregnancy tests and 3 negative tests?

medications w/ certain hormones can cause false positives or negatives. and certain pregnancy tests are better than others. i recommend seeing a dr.

Which hormone has more target cells in the body than any of the others?

growth hormone GH

Is white fluid leaking from your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Not always. Colostrum can leak from your breasts at any time. Pregnancy or not. Hormone changing can make you leak a little big of colostrum. Some women will leak more then others, especially if they've already had children.

What hormones has more target cells in the body than any of the others Antidiuretic hormone corticotropin-releasing hormone growth hormone or oxytocin?


You took a test a few days ago and it showed positive you took a cheap today and it was neg could you still be pregnant?

If the second test was negative and your period is not yet due, you could still be pregnant. Some tests are less sensitive to the pregnancy hormone than others. I'd retest with the first type you used. The level usually drops gradually, so it would be unusual in only a few days to go from positive to negative.

Do some pregnancies take longer to produce hcg levels than others?

I am guessing by this question that you suspect pregnancy but have had negative results. Perhaps I shouldn't guess at it though. I will say it varies the first month after conception. Some show more than others. Also taking a test when urine is most concentrated, such as when first waking up, will prove more effective in detecting HCG.

What does Oklahoma produce?

they produce coal, weat, and others....

What is hormone oxytocin?

It is a hormone that plays a large part in animals behaviors towards others and some believe it plays a role in humans.

Is estradiol a bio-identical hormone?

Yes, Estradiol is a bio-identical hormone. There are others, but Estradiol is one of the major players.

How soon can one take an early pregnancy test for accurate results?

Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others, but typically a pregnancy can be detected a week after conception. If a test comes back negative, it is a good idea to test again three days later in case hCG levels rise higher.

Could you be pregnant if you have pregnancy symptoms and are one week late for your period but a pregnancy test was negative?

I am in the same situation, and from all I have read on this subject, yes, you could definitely be pregnant being one week late, even though the test shows negative. It takes longer for some women than others, to produce the pregnancy hormone hcg at a high enough concentration to show up on a home pregnancy test. Also, the tests vary in the amounts of the hormone they are able to detect. Some can detect as little as 20 or 25mIU of hcg, while others need as much as 100mIU. However, time will tell for sure if you are pregnant. I have read stories of women who had a negative test after being two weeks late, and then had a positive one a week later. I know for certain that I am pregnant because I recognize the tell-tale signs that I have had in the past. I began to worry when the test came back negative this morning, but after all I have read, I see that every women is different and every pregnancy is different. Hope this helps!AnswerI am in the same situation as well. I tested a week before my period was due because i was having symptoms but it came out negative. Now my period is 4 days late and i did have spotting. I hope i am pregnant. I have a feeling that i am. I will test again in a week if my period still doesn't come. Please do let me know if you get a positive pregnancy test soon. Thanx.I am ALSO in the same situation as all 3 of you. I am a week late for my period. On the day my period was due I had a little bit of brown blood and that was it. Nothing else after it. I am having symptoms too, headaches, sore breasts I've broken out in acne like carzy, and I'm urinating mor frequently. And yet I've had 3 negative pregnancy tests....I also had the same..i had a tiny spot of blood in my discharge for 2 days but nothing came of it! I am a week and a half late and have had period like cramps but no period plus my breasts have swelled from today! I did a test which came out negative..i was on the pill but was taking antibitoics which stop it from working and had going to go to docotrs but am worried it could be something more serious!

How do you lessen negative human activities?

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What hormone deficiency causes dehydration and tremendous thirst?

one is insulin. there are others.

What does it mean if your first home pregnancy test was negative and a few days later two others were neither negative or positive and you are a week late?

The tests that came out neither negative nor positive are invalid tests. if you still haven't had a period you should retest with a different brand, or go to a clinic or your dr's office for a test. ~pawsalmighty

How rare is it for a pregnancy test to come out positive when other are negative?

It depends on the levels which the test takes. Some tests are high sensitive where others need more hcg to bring up a positive result.