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Do sprint phones work with virgin mobile?


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I have the Samsung Instinct will this plan work with my phone?


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No it will not but you can try Metro PCS for carriers like Verizon, Att, and sprint.

No. Sprint phones cannot be used on T-Mobile, unless they have a SIM card port.

no. virgin has proprietory phones that have no SIM cards. they are built in. conversely VM phones will not work on any other carrier...including SPRINT which is the network they use.

Verizon Sprint Quest Virgin Mobile Verizon phones are easier to unlock so its easier to get everything to work. (i.e internet, pic messages, text)

No one can not flash a Sprint iPhone to Virgin Mobile. The main reason for this is because Sprint has always used some feature that lets the user only work that certain phone with Sprint. To better understand the reasoning the best way to do that would be to contact Sprint.

Your Virgin Mobile phone won't work with Zong because it may require a short code. Virgin Mobile is best known for having prepaid cellular phones and does not work with different mobile payment websites.

No, the Sierra Wireless 250U is a Sprint device, and will only work on Sprint. While Virgin is cheaper, it is also slower on 3G than Sprint. Plus Virgin does not even offer 4G, which is one of the main reasons to get the 250U.

Yes, like all mobile phones they need a SIM card to work.

yes, you can do it but you have to order the phone from the country such as canada.

Other cell phone companies include Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and metroPCS. My personal favorite is Virgin Mobile, their prepaid plans are pretty reasonable and the phones that they work on aren't too shabby.

the cellular does, not the walkie talkie. The walkie talkie on a sprint phone only works with sprint-sprint or sprint-nextel.

If the handset has been unlocked from its original network, then yes.

It depends on the company and the plan. For example, a U.S. Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone will not work in Canada, even though Virgin Mobile also has pay-as-you-go service in Canada.

can you use a phone from sprint to work with net 10 plans

The answer to that question is Possibly, and No. Half of the Boost Mobile phones use IDEN radios (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network). The phones are easy to identify- they have Direct Connect (the "chirp"). These CAN NOT be used on any service but Boost Mobile, or if unlocked, Nextel (Or Telus in Canada). The other half of the Boost Mobile Phones use CDMA radios (Code Division Multiple Access), and could feasibly be unlocked to be used with Virgin Mobile. Whether Virgin Mobile would choose to allow them on the network is a whole additional answer (doubtful), but the technology technically would work.

u cannot flsh at&t or t-mobile phones to sprint. at&t & tmobile are gsm networks9using sim cards) & sprint are cdma. is like tryin to put a casette in a DVD player it wont work. only flash sprint,alltel,Verizon metro & other CDMA network phones. that's all

that mobile phones are called wire-less phone.they work with the help of satellite

Yes,i,ve been with virgin for 6yrs,but every time i buy a new phone its t-mobile as they have a better range & cheaper & my virgin sim card works fine The only problem is the phone will have t-mobile settings but u can go on the virgin web site 4 the right settings

They told me NO. Just Sprint phone to Sprint phone. Unlimited mobile to any mobile is extra. If you spend $69.99 a month on their voice & data plan, then you can call/receive to/from any mobile.

Yes, triband phones do work in Australia.

From what i know, yes. But there can also be work phones and family phones ect. But the 2 main phones are what you asked.(mobile and home)

The GT-i9020T (which is on T-Mobile) runs on GSM bands. The Virgin Mobile SIM card would be CDMA, so it is not compatible even if you SIM-unlocked the device. If you are able to find the Sprint version (D720SPRKE5), it might work as Sprint is Virgin's host network.

Yes mobile phones work in USA, in fact USA has the largest network of these wireless devices in the world.

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