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Do Tarot Readings Work And If So Are The Time Frames For The Predictions In The Future True?
  • The Tarot Reading that you receive will depend upon the reader, and whether it is deemed to work will be your individual judgement, and will depend upon a number of factors, starting with your expectations. Tarot is an art not a science, and readers are often very talented intuitives, with a body of knowledge gained through long study of the Tarot which is a discipline in its own right. The reader uses their knowledge of the cards and the leaps of insight or 'psychic' perception looking at them may trigger, but readers, while often deeply sincere, are only human, therefore sometimes fallible. Use them as a source of extra help. The Tarot is a tool, the Reader uses it to 'see' you and to sense the help you may need. It can be a very powerful tool indeed, for accessing unconscious thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back in some way. Identifying these can be liberating. But the Tarot is just that...a tool, although rich in symbolism and in its power for associative thinking. Go by recommendation when choosing a reader, if possible. Ask before booking what type of service they like to offer. Is it classic fortune telling, which will involve an element of forecasting (prediction) Or do they use their Tarot cards as a route to obtaining impartial help and guidance for you with your questions or concerns? Or perhaps they do both. Whether Tarot readings 'work' depends on whether you have chosen a fluent, skilful and experienced reader, have clearly formulated your expectations are, and whether you are prepared to think actively about what is being said to you... to engage instead of being a passive spectator or consumer of entertainment. For a Reading to 'work' you could engage in active listening, give your reader feedback when they are on the right path, and ask questions. It is YOUR reading.
  • The cards give a 'best' answer at the time they are being read; they tell you the most immediate path for the future based upon your current actions. If you walk out of the reading and change your mind about something, the next reading will be different. Some people are more sensitive to energy than others, and these people are usually pretty good about picking up on those energies that show current paths. The answers are ambiguous, for the most part, but if they help you to make a decision or clarify something, then they helped.
  • How can cards tell you the future? Not every reader includes prediction in their service these days, but it is undeniably part of Tarot's tradition and nothing to do with spiritual or religious belief. The entire notion of prediction is perhaps not a lot stranger than the notion of understanding a stranger's present or past through the cards. It depends on what one thinks Time is or is not. Some people fear prediction, and probably will not choose to have a Tarot reading, but no responsible professional reader should ever make dire or frightening predictions, or make predictions at all if this is not desired by their client. And if they do, well, they are fallible, and you do not have to believe them. The Tarot senses trends in you. As with other forms of is this which for some readers, not all, facilitates confident prediction. It does not mean however, that your future is cast in stone, or that you do not have free will or responsibility for your own choices. When the Tarot says anything about your future, it is sensing what seems most likely, based on your current approach. This leaves plenty of scope for change, but may serve to reassure or in rare circumstances, to offer a timely caution.
  • Those who believe in Tarot say that when you shuffle the cards, your vibrations enter and the lay out will be relevant, depending on the accuracy of the interpretation of the symbolics. As far as predicting the future, the lay out may give some insight as to the probability. whether or not it becomes a reality depends entirely upon the choices you make, which means you can change the outcome. question of time frames is a complicated one in Tarot. Each reader, offering indications of time frames, is likely to have their own way of ascertaining what these are, and you can always ask to have their method explained to you.
  • Tarot is a form of divination and as such has not been proven scientifically. However, there are those who believe in he value and usefulness of this form of divination which is still a thriving service today and is even used by some in business as an aid to brainstorming new creative directions, or in decision making.
  • Tarot, to most pagans, is a form of divination of the self. It is intended to gain better insight into yourself, rather than with its emphasis being on predicting the future, but it's full range of uses is something that is still open to exploration by its students and practitioners.
    While some Tarot Readers may be Pagans, Wiccans, Spiritualists or even and most controversially, occultists, many others belong to no group or affiliation at all and adopt a secular approach.
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Is there a webpage that does tarot readings?

Yes there are many websites that offer tarot readings. You have to be careful about whether or not they charge for them. offers free online tarot readings

Where could one find free tarot readings online?

Someone can find free tarot card readings online from a number of websites such as Trusted Tarot. The site Trusted Tarot offers an easy to use application on their site to obtain free tarot card readings.

Do tarot cards give you real answers?

I give Tarot readings and so far the people I give the readings to are amazed at how accurate the readings are. Not every card is exact but some can be pretty close.

Where can I get tarot card readings?

Tarot card readings can be found in many places online. One of these places is

Who can give you an actual horoscope or tarot card reading?

Astrologers and tarot card readers can provide these readings.

Where can you ask tarot questions online?

Try For $5 people sell tarot card readings.

What does the reading of the tarot involve?

My business offers professional on-line tarot card reading services. Greetings and welcome to my tarot world. My name is Cherie I have been a tarot card reader for 15 years. I have also done readings through email for 5 years. I really prefer my on-line readings best. The personality form I have you fill out gives me the "vibe" I need to connect, and it's a very clean way to read. I focus on your question, and do your layout, with every reading created fresh for you, a real reader, doing real Tarot readings. You can email me at any time with questions, or for clarifications. My clients are very important to me, and your satisfaction is paramount. My tarot readings provide advice and guidance. My services include: · Mini Tarot Reading · Three Question Reading · Celtic Cross Reading · Love Reading · Past Present Future Read · The Pathway Reading · The Moon Phase Reading · Purification Reading · Assorted Readings

Do psychics in California do Tarot card readings?

Yes, most psychics anywhere in the country will do Tarot card readings. Beware also, there are many tricks out there that psychics use while giving you a Tarot card reading in order to con you into coming back and spending more.

What is the difference between a Videntes and Tarot reader?

Videntes is the same as a Tarot card reading. Videntes is the Spanish translation of the word Tarot. The accuracy of these kinds of readings is hotly debated.

Is tarot readings true?

As long as the reader has real ability and is ethical and honest........Yes

Is Peteranswers true or just a fake?

The website is It's for believers in Tarot readings.

Can you do tarot readings if one card is lost?

I wouldn't. You may be missing the card someone's reading needs.

Where may one find psychic tarot readings in Los Angeles CA?

There are many psychic tarot readers in Los Angeles. One could choose from; Melrose Psychic Readings, Hollywood Psychic Gallery, Los Feliz Psychic, Psychic Centre and Judy Hevenly.

Who performs tarot card readings?

Tarot cards are often read by gypsy women, occultists or mystics. They originate from 15th century Europe, particularly in Italy and France to show the future.

Who is the best Tarot reader in Myrtle beach?

Jennifer Tarot Johnson is the best tarot card reader in Myrtle Beach, SC area. She has studied her craft for many years and has great insight and spirituality. Her readings are awesome and her advice is always sound and positive.

Where could one find free tarot cards?

The company NewAgeStore has free tarot cards available on their website. They provide 70k plus readings a day, making them the premier spiritual place on the web.

How does Maya's prediction affect Americans?

Maya Murbada is not a reliable tarot card user, her predictions are not to be taken as possible, even to Americans.

What information can one expect to receive from psychic readings?

The information received from psychic reading may vary greatly, the most common areas are Tarot reading, email psychic reading and astrology readings.

Why is the queen of spades bad luck?

It is said that playing cards can be replaced with Tarot cards for Tarot readings. The queen of "Spades" indicates a wicked and cruel woman who is likely to betray the seeker. This is why it's considered bad luck. I :)

What is someone who makes predictions of the future?

A fortune teller.An astrologerTarot card readerPsychicProphetTime TravelerSeerOracle

Where can one go to receive online psychic readings?

Online psychic readings can be found at Astrology Net, Psychic Living, Online Psychic Chat, Love Tarot Reading, Psychic Chat Free and Love Psychics 101.

What is tarot reader?

Tarot readings are a wonderful way to learn more about your life and is an amazing, centuries-old tool of divination. When used correctly, it connects with and reveals the truths of our subconscious: what we know deep down inside, but are not always able to access. Tarot readers use tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by asking questions of their spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and the Divine.

Can you read your own tarot cards?

You can read your own Tarot cards but personally I don't recommend it. Tarot cards have multiple meanings and it is easy to manipulate the answer you want to receive when doing them for yourself. Also, if you are feeling emotional about a personal issue, that can affect the readings.Hello - I have both Tarot & Oracle Cards. I have found when reading for myself it is much easier with Oracle Cards.Lots of Love Misscpb

Do Tarot Cards really tell the truth?

no they do not tell the truth.

Are virtual online tarot card readings true?

It is hard to say. In true tarot you need to feel the deck to have your energy move the cards around. If you concentrate on your question/topic very deeply, perhaps this tarot can give some guidance. At best, this can give you paths to choose from and some perspective on your actual desires where the subject is concerned.