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No, those things are useless and just a way of getting your money. The newer phones send out encrypted digital pulses and a geek on a radio will not be able to listen in so don't waste your money. I agree with the digital networks being more secure. Scanners were popular to monitor cell frequencies that were analog. Most scanners are now required to have the cell frequencies blocked by the manufacturers. But hackers can still (Illegally) modify a scanner that can receive the signals, but are blocked. And, of course, if that "geek" happens to be employed by NSA, or a gazillion other post 9/11 Patriot Act agencies in this new age of "safety", you can not prevent it. Best rules of the current society we now live in: "Never say anything on any phone that you would not say in front of a law inforcement officer." Protect what you say on a phone with the same intensity you apply to other personal data information, such as credit cards, etc. Don't forget to set the "location" feature of all newer cell phones to the "911 only" in the settings area, if you want to stay safer "out there".

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Q: Do the As seen on TV safeguard cell radiation shields do anything to scramble your cell phone signal so you are less likely to be intercepted by some geek on a radio?
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