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Allowing such visitation would be totally at the discretion of the adopting parents. There is not a law that would force them to allow any relatives of the adopted child to continue a relationship. Grandparents as does any person that can is considered an "interested party" have the option to file for guardianship or adoption of the child if they so choose.

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Q: Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Ohio?
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Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Arizona?

Only if grandparents have obtained visitation rights from a court.

Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Massachusetts?

Only if the adoptive parents agree to it or if the grandparents have a court order.

Do the biological paternal grandparents have visitation rights after a child has been adopted in Texas?

If the parents' rights have been terminated either by the court or voluntarily, and the child has been adopted, then the biological grandparents connection has also been severed and they can't seek access/visitation. However, there may be standing to intervene in the determination of custody BEFORE adoption has occurred. The only time grandparents are allowed to file suit for visitation is when there is a current, open suit for custody. Visitation is voluntary on the part of the adoptive parents if they believe that it is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Is a paternal grandmother with permanent custody of her grandchild a parent or are they a family?

You are a grandparent since you have not adopted the child but your role is to do what a mother does as well. The biological parents can very well have visitation. You and your grandchild are definitely a family.

Does a child that has been adopted retain legal right to inherit from biological grandparents?

Only if the adopted child is mentioned in the biological grandparents' will. The child no longer has any rights regarding the biological family. They belong to the adoptive family as if born to them.

Do grandparents still have rights if the child was adopted?

No. Grandparents don't have rights, only what the parents allow them to. If living in a state where grandparents have the right to petition for visitation, there is also no contact allowed if the child is adopted away. All ties are cut with the previous family.

Father of an adopted child doesn't want Biological father relationship or visitation?

That is up to the courts and not the adoptive father.

If one of your parents was adopted can you find out who your biological grandparents are without the knowledge or consent of your parent?

With limited information it is possible to locate biological parents/grandparents via the internet at such sights as Look for reunion registries through which you can find biological parents if they want to be found.

How do I file for grandparents law My grandson is in NC?

You can file for visitation rights to your granchild in family court. Your case will be put on the docket and your child or guardian will be forced to appear in court to answer the summons. Keep in mind however if your biological child should ever lose custody of your grandchild and they should become adopted by a third party then your visitation will automatically terminate.

After a child has been adopted do the adoptive parents have to let the maternal birth grandmother see the children. Court ordered all parental rights to be severed.?

No. Not unless the court ordered it. Due to the adoption you are now the LEGAL adult of the child therefore unless it was agreed an open adoption then no you dont. Once a child is adopted none of the biological family has ANY rights over the child you do. In most states, if the adoptive parents do not want grandparents to have visitation, the grandparents would need to file for visitation rights through the courts.

Can a seventeen year old adopted by her grandparents choose to move back in with her biological father?

No, that is no longer an option unless the grandparents (now parents) give permission. In order for the grandparents to adopt, the father's rights had to have been given up.

Do non adopted children have rights to grandparents estate?

Since this is the adoption category I assume you mean not the biological grandchildren but foster kids who have never been adopted. And no, they have no right at all to anything their foster family leaves behind unless they are mentioned in the will. If you mean biological children they inherit their parents who in their turn inherit their parents, your grandparents. So unless the grandchild is mentioned in the will or the parents are deceased, the grandchild will not inherit the grandparents.

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