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do cops have the right to do search&seizer on someone that is not there

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Q: Do the cops have the right to do a search seizer?
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Can you refuse a cops request to search your vehicle?

no, they have a right from the law

What is search and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

What is and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

How do you download cops and robbrs on minecraft?

go to and search Cops n' Robbers

What you do during a seizer?

Well if someone is having a seizer you find a spoon and push their tongue away from their throat and call 911.

Do cops have right to search civilians?

In England, yes. They can be searched under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. America and elsewhere - im not sure.

Are all cops doing their job right?

Not all cops are doing their job right. There are mostly good cops who are helping the community but some cops are bad and do illegal things because they have the power of the law.

are cops allowed to search my car more than once?


Can i minor get searched that's not on probation and without probable cause by just sitting on a girlfriends steps and was never asked to be searched was this an illegal search?

This was absolutly an illegal search.... As long as there wasn't a crime happening like if you were drinking or something cops have no right to search you... Dont be foolish like i was get a lawyer right away

What are the release dates for Cops Is Always Right - 1938?

Cops Is Always Right - 1938 was released on: USA: 29 December 1938

What does it mean when cops take a computer?

That they plan to search it for evidence of a crime

Can the cops search a house after a person coming out of that house was searched and arrested for drugs?

Yes. They have probable cause. Cops can do just about anything they want to.