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I can't find anywhere on the net that says either way. I did find something that said use a newer booster and described the kind with just the seat, not the thing across the front, but that seemed more for extra safety than law. If this booser is pretty old, then it is probably a better idea to buy a new one especially if you bought it used. It usually isn't a good idea to buy used carseats. If they have been in an accident, they may have been damaged without the previous owner even knowing. My suggestion is to buy a new one. Or go to your local fire department and have your old one checked out. Most fire departments have free monthly car seat safety checks.

No!!! These NO LONGER meet safety standards and are EXTREAMLY dangerous!! Children suffer major injuries and even death in these seats (known as shield booster seats). Many children slip out from under the shield or are thrown into it at a high rate of speed during a crash, causing neck and spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and several deaths.

Jen E... Cert. Child Passenger Safety Technician and mom to 3in seats!

Boosters with shield are NOT safe! In addition, the shield WAS to be used only until 30 pounds. It IS safe, however to continue to use the seat WITHOUT the shield (only if the shield can be completely removed - some were attached). The purpose of a booster is to position a child so that the vehicle seat belt fits properly - low across thighs and across shoulder, therefore, the base of a shield booster is acceptable. I recommend for the 5 step booster test and other child restraint info. NE CPS TECH

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Q: Do the older backless car seats or boosters that have a portion that comes across the front of the child and holds the seat belt meet safety regulations?
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