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Do thermorecepters have anything to do with people feeling hot or cold?

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in a way it does help, but we are not sure yet.

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Is 'I am feeling cold ' is right or wrong?

'I am feeling cold.' is correct if you are feeling cold.

What is a mildly cold feeling?

A chill is a mildly cold feeling.

Why do people keep hands in pocket?

Looking cool. Feeling cold

Why are schizophrenics always cold?

Feeling cold is a negative side effect of the drugs given to schizophrenic people.

How did people feel during the Cold War?

Just like today, there is no universal feeling. Some people were frightened, some people were angry, some people were annoyed, some were confident, and some did not pay attention to the Cold War.

Mildly cold feeling?


Is the process feeling cold exothermic or endothermic?

Exothermic/endothermic is a process not a feeling.

What is the Hindi word for colds?

Colds as in caught a cold is Zukhaam Cold as in feeling cold is Tandd.

Why do my teeth and gums always feel cold?

Your teeth and gums are feeling cold as they have got sensitive to cold and heat. It is a disease occurring to most of the people of world .use Dabur lal Dant Manjan.

Is feeling part of a emotion?

First of all, "Is feeling part of AN emotion". Second, feeling what? Feeling hot or cold is not an emotion. Feeling sorry for being stupid is an emotion.

Do female dogs get cramps?

I want to say they do cause my dog keeps stretching out over anything cold. (Tile flooring for example) She does not seem to be feeling well.

Why do I feel cold when It's not cold outside?

your not feeling well or its a weather front

How can you tell if your lizard is cold?

by feeling its belly

What is the antonyms of blaze?

cool cold anything to cool down or anything cold

Can lack of affection make you physically feel cold?

Yes, because lack of affection may make people depressed and 1 symptom of depression is a sudden cold feeling.

What does cold hearted mean?

To be cold-hearted it means that you are lacking in feeling, or warmth, or that you are unkind.

What is the difference between feeling hot and cold water?

one is HOT the other is COLD

What can you do about feeling cold all the time?

:P idiot

What is causes of cold war?

self insecure feeling

What words can describe the feeling of snow?

cold and light

What is another word for a mildly cold feeling?


What effect does a fever have on your body?

it makes your body not want to do anything and some people get cold when they get a fever.

What does cold mean?

Cold means having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness

Why do some people feel cold most of the time?

There are certain people that feel cold all the time and remain wrapped up in a sweater while all the others around them enjoy a nice breeze. If a person is feeling cold all the time, this is usually linked to one of numerous underlying medical conditions. One's sensitivity and response towards cold is totally individual and it varies from person to person. People who are constantly wrapped up in extra clothing need to investigate their lifestyles and determine all the factors that may be a cause of feeling cold all the time. There are a lot of possible reasons behind feeling cold all the time so people need to learn as much as they can about them.Common Causes of Feeling Cold all the TimeNutritional deficiencies are quite common among numerous causes of feeling cold all the time. Some people have an unhealthy habit of skipping meals which leads to specific nutritional deficiencies and the inability to keep oneself warm. Lack of calcium is known to be one of the causes that make people feel cold all the time. An unhealthy or an imbalanced diet can also affect one's response to cold.People who are underweight are usually prone to feeling cold all the time wrapping themselves in layers of extra clothing and shivering more often. Weight loss leads to an increased sensitivity to cold because the muscle mass and fat are known to keep a person cozy and warm by generating and retaining the body heat.Hypothyroidism may also be a cause of feeling cold all the time because in this condition the thyroid gland does not synthesize hormones within the usual range and one needs to take certain medications in order to the treat the condition properly.It is not uncommon for those who suffer from anemia to experience the feeling of being cold all the time as well. Anemia is a condition caused by a decrease in the number of healthy red blood cells in the human body which are in charge of carrying oxygen to numerous tissues. Lack of oxygen is one potential trigger of feeling cold most of the time.Raynaud's disease is another condition commonly associated with feeling cold all the time and it is usually triggered by emotional stress or cold temperatures. Raynaud's disease is characterized by constricted blood vessels, impaired blood circulation and tingling sensations in toes or fingers.Finally, feeling cold all the time can also be triggered by certain hormonal imbalances. The levels of estrogen in female patients may fluctuate and cause increased sensitivity to cold. It is a lot more common for old people to feel cold all the time due to the fact that the natural process of aging makes the immune system weaker.

How does your body respond to a cold?

1. It takes your body a bit longer to heat up, and your brain is telling you it's cold, and some people shake or shiver or lose feeling in your toes or fingers.