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The manufacture, import, and sale of clips holding more than 10 rounds was prohibited by the recent "assault weapons ban." Now that it has expired, I'm sure someone will be manufacturing these again if they haven't already started. Check sources like Shotgun News, Soldier of Fortune, and other firearms publications. But also check your state and local laws. These are still illegal in some places like Chicago and New Jersey.

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Q: Do they still make 13 round clips for an old Browning 380 or are only 10 round aftermarket clips available?
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It will vary depending on the make of your 30 round magazine. Rarely do I find a 30 round aftermarket magazine that works well for these rifles, and reloading with stripper clips is quite fast. If it were mine, I would not.

Where can you get a clip for a 12 gauge Revelation model R312AB bolt action?

This model of shotgun is identicle to a mossberg 395. You can still purchase clips for this model online or at gunshows. There are 2 round and 5 round clips availible. Just search for the mossberg 395 clips.

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I have been looking. Does not look like there are any savage 64 clips larger than 10 rounds.

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Give it a good cleaning, check the recoil spring.

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yes, banana clips are legal in the state of California. I myself just purchased a 600 round banana clip and a rocket launcher.

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Does a browning a5 Magnum serial number OV26926 have a flat or round knob on the original stock The gun was made in 1960.?

Round knob pistol grip.

Does browning make a bar safari that will accept the 338 lapua round?

No.The action length of the bar is to short to except the 338 lapua magnum round.

Can a dragunov take a ak 47 clip?

First off, I assume that you are talking about magazines, not clips. Neither the SVD Dragunov or AK-47 use clips. The answer is no. The SVD uses a 7.62x54 round, while the AK-47 uses the 7.62x39 round. In basic terms, the SVD uses a larger round and thus a larger magazine than the AK-47.

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Browning round knob Belguim 421x90 serial 12 gauge Value?

50-500 usd

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Yes. 7,65 Browning or 7.65 Browning is just another name for the .32 acp round that the Kel-Tec P32 uses. To be sure, go to Wikipedia and do a search for each of those calibers and note the measurements. See what the round is supposed to look like. Make sure that matches what you put in your gun.

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