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Q: Do tigers eat chameleons
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What food do chameleons eat?

chameleons eat insects,and chameleons are insectivores

What eats an veiled chameleons?


Do snakes eat chameleons?

According to, "The larger chameleons eat birds, smaller chameleons, lizards, and sometimes snakes."

How often do chameleons eat?

Yes chameleons can eat ants from Dustin Gross

Why do chameleons eat insects?

Chameleons eat insects because that is their food source.

Are chameleons carnivorous?

yes chameleons are carnivorous but they will only eat other chameleons to survive

Are chameleons vegetarian?

No. Chameleons eat bugs which are not vegetarian.

What are a chameleons enemies?

Some lemurs can eat chameleons.

Can chameleons eat grasshoppers?

Yes they do. Chameleons eat small insects with the use of their long tongue.

Do chameleons eat ladybugs?

No they don't. Some ladybugs can even be toxic to chameleons.

Do chameleons eat in groups with other chameleons?

Chameleons are solitary animals only coming together to mate.

Where do chameleons hunt for food?

any where. Chameleons eat Bugs :P

What do chameleons prey on?

Chameleons typically eat locusts, mantis, crickets, grasshopper and other insects, but larger chameleons sometimes eat small birds and other lizards. Certain chameleons consume small amounts of plant matter.

Do toucans eat chameleons?


Are chameleons considered prey?

Animals do eat chameleons so technically yes.

Can you feed meal worms to chameleons?

Yes. Chameleons will usually eat mealworms.

What is a chameleons predotor?

Green tree snakes usually attack and eat chameleons.

How the chameleons eat their food?

Chameleons eat their pray by catching it with their long tongues then they gobble up their pray and digest the meal.

What are chameleons food chain?

chameleons eat grasshopper then grass hopper eats moths

What do chameleons not eat?

anything that is bigger than it but its worst enemy is snakes and other chameleons.

Are Chameleon carnivores?

yes chameleons are carnivorous but they will only eat other chameleons to survive

Do chameleons eat leave?


Where do chameleons eat?


Name 4 animals who are camouflage?

Tigers,Snow leopards,chameleons and fawns.

How are chameleons like reptiles?

Chameleons are like reptiles,because some can camouflage and eat insects.