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I've been searching the internet to get an answer. I think they do; it feels like they do.

They don't bite.It feels like they bite but it's just the grip of their feet. Belive me, I have some.


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No sugar ants do not have wings. Sugar ants are tiny little ants who are attracted to sweets they are the most commonly found ants in homes.

because they believe that you are sugary

Red ants bite people and also like to eat sweets but black ants only bite on skin but very slowly and does not itches very much and most imp it also bit on faces

why do fire ants bite is it for defense

Very tiny black or dark brownish ant that will come to anything with sugar or fat in it. Some people call them grease ants also.

Yes, there are ants that live in Wisconsin and bite. Fire ants one of them. Also, field ants will give you a pinch-like bite if you bother them. They will also bite pets.

The tiny red bugs you see are probably fire ants. They are a species of the ant, and when they bite you it does feel like fire!

No. New Zealand ants do not bite.

Yes, ants bite and pinch. Red fire ants are the worst ants to bite. If you step on a nest, you could have hundreds of ants on you at once biting your legs and feet.

yes, some ants bite, some of the most painful are from fire ants.

Normal ants or everyday ants do in fact bite and some do sting. There are many types of ants in the world and some do not bite or sting at all.

Ants are called the tiny teachers because ants are very tiny and they are hard working to.

Ants bite as a way to defend themselves. If they feel that they are being attacked, or provoked, they will bite. This is true for all ants, including fireants.

The answer is in their name! SUGAR ants.

Ants are attracted to sugar and do not die from eating sugar or sweet things. Most people think sugar kills ant because they try to exterminate the ants with sugar water. The water is what kills the ants. For example, if a bowl of sugar water is left out to kill ants, the sugar attracts the ants but the water drowns the ants.

black ants bite people but it is not as painful as if you were to get bitten by a red one

Not all ants have stingers. Some only bite and spray formic acid on the bite.

The ants taught that our body is food

Yes. Most black ants will bite but no matter what red ants will bite. And I think that white ants live in jungles, tropical, or rain forests.

Fire ants bite hard because it is their natural defense to predators. If they did not bite hard they would be killed quickly.

Ants do not urinate on people when they bite them because they typically do not urinate at all. They can however secrete a poison when they bite which can be painful.

No thay do not bite or sting

They bite or nip with their mandibles.

There are several thousand different types of ants around the world. Red ants are the second most common types of ants, they can be aggressive and are known to bite. Black ants also known as sugar ants, love anything sweet and will look for food wherever they smell it which can lead them to being in your house.

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