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Do toy poodles bark a lot?

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2013-01-11 09:16:22

Toy breeds, all toy breeds, tend to be a bit high strung. They

are typically a bit sensitive to changes in environment and

anything new introduced to that environment, even as simple as new

sounds. The one way any dog will react if stimulated, say by new

environmental factors, is to bark. This is how they communicate

(one way, the primary way) and they will do so to alert their alpha

(typically you) to potential danger or strangeness.

Toys are also easily excitable. This seems to be one of the

reasons that those who own toys choose them. We, like dogs, relate

to those around us, and we thrive on attention from them. Dog

owners fill some of that need for connection by the relationship

they have with their dogs.

In short, the animal will take its cues from the owner and the

training they have received, but they will also be driven by their

own personality and demeanor. Most toys tend toward hyperactivity,

so yes, they do tend to be a bit more vocal and "bark a lot."

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