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Do toy poodles bark a lot?

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Toy breeds, all toy breeds, tend to be a bit high strung. They are typically a bit sensitive to changes in environment and anything new introduced to that environment, even as simple as new sounds. The one way any dog will react if stimulated, say by new environmental factors, is to bark. This is how they communicate (one way, the primary way) and they will do so to alert their alpha (typically you) to potential danger or strangeness.

Toys are also easily excitable. This seems to be one of the reasons that those who own toys choose them. We, like dogs, relate to those around us, and we thrive on attention from them. Dog owners fill some of that need for connection by the relationship they have with their dogs.

In short, the animal will take its cues from the owner and the training they have received, but they will also be driven by their own personality and demeanor. Most toys tend toward hyperactivity, so yes, they do tend to be a bit more vocal and "bark a lot."

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Do toy poodles bark?

Yes indeed. They have a natural tendency to bark a lot, but can be trained not to.

Are toy poodles really poodles?

Yes. Toy poodles are really poodles.

When do toy poodles go in heat?

when does toy poodles go into heat

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when do toy poodles open their eyes?

Do toy poodles grow big?

No, Toy Poodles are small sized dogs.

Are Toy Poodles French?

No, poodles are from Germany.

Is it common that toy poodles get sezures?

I've own 3 toy poodles and a miniature, and none of my poodles have ever had a seizure.

Where do toy poodles come from?

Poodles originate from Germany, but the Toy variant was established in England.

How high-pitched does a miniature poodle's bark sound?

a toy poodles bark is not as high pitched as lets say a chihuahua but not a low pitched as a labrador. the larger the dog the lower the bark but the smaller the dog the higher pitch of the bark.

What sizes are poodles?

There are toy, standard, and large poodles.

What were toy poodles used for?

toy poodles were bred from an original sized poodle and they were used for a water retrieving, so that is why toy poodles have webbed feet to be able to swim more efficiently.

What do toy poodles hunt?

Yes, some toy poodles and miniature poodles were use to hunt truffles in the water where the tree roots were. But mostly toy poodles were and are used in circuses because they love to jump, do tricks and they are very smart.

Do Poodles have webbed feet?

Standard poodles have webbed feet. Miniature and Toy poodles do not.

where do poodles come from?

Poodles originate from Germany, but the Toy variant was established in England.

Do toy poodles have eyelashes?

Yes, poodles do have eye lashes.

Do toy poodles like out door's?

Toy poodles love outdoors! I have 2 myself and they love to run around outside.

What is a standard poodle?

You've got toy poodles, miniature poodles and you've got the standard poodles. The standard poodles are the largest.

Are toy poodles smart?

Yes, toy poodles are very smart as are all three sizes (toy,miniature,standard) they has tremendous memories and are fast learners.

Are toy poodles nocturnal?

YES cause i have one but its a toy

Do toy fox terriers bark a lot?

No, they will bark at an intruder to alert you, or bark at you because it will want your attention. their cute little dogs, i want to get one aswell

How is a toy poodles eye sight?

Poodles have very good eye sight.

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Are toy poodles baby french poodles?

Yes, some people call poodles French poodles but there is no difference. They originated from Germany not France.