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Well, I think it depends on the species. I have 2 turtles. One is a red eared slider and the other is a yellowbellied slider. They get together fine but my 3rd turtle (a map) got killed by my red eared slider and that brings it back to me thinking it depends on the species.

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Are Sea turtles like other turtles?

Yes but sea turtles don't come out of the water like most turtles

Do snapping turtles like other kinds of turtles?

no the snaping turtle is quite teritorial and will atack or kill other turtles

How can you tell if two water turtles like each other?

If two turtles like each other they will not get in fights and you will also be able to tell by how they act around each other.

What do turtles like?

Did you know that i like turtles and turtles like me to

Do turtles lactate?

No. Turtles, like all other reptiles, have no mammary glands since they do not directly feed their young.

Do pet turtles sleep?

How do pet turtles sleep? ChaCha Answer: Turtlessleep just like any other pet. They close their eyes and fall asleep!

What are some features of a sea turtle?

sea turtles are relatively largeer than other turtles. they do bury their eggs like other species of turtles. there are manyothers but these are just a few. sorry if this didnt help.

Other reptiles have that turtles don't have?

Certain reptiles have a few species like an aligetor and a crockodile but turtles have very many.

Do turtles live mainly on land or in the water?

There are different types of turtles. Aquatic turtles mainly live in the sea. Terrestrial turtles live on land. There are also other types of turtles that live in both water and land, like snapping turtles for example.

Do turtles shed?

yes just like any other reptile.

What are other names for the turtle?

there are 300 types of turtles like the leatherback ...

What did prehistoric turtles look like?

Prehistoric turtles probably looked much like like turtles do today.

Do you like turtles?

Turtles are awesome. I like them, Ethan likes them, Joel likes them, Kari likes them, and David likes them too!! A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE TURTLES!

Why do turtles like to stack on top of one another?

Its like asking why cheerleaders stack on top of each other. They do it for fun and entertainment. So do the turtles. Then again it depends on the number,, two or three turtles could mean something else. Just look into it if they are your turtles stacking on top of each other. Hope this helps,, xx

Do turtles fight each other?

Sometimes they do but it is only when the turtles dislike eachother.You know if your turtles do not like eachother by them staying away from eachother and if you put them together and they run away from eachother.

What are star turtles?

Star Turtles are turtles with star like shell

Why did Allah make turtles?

Turtles are really cool and i like turtles

Are turtles harmful?

some turtles are but not all like snapping turtles are.

How do green sea turtles use their shell?

like every other turtles they use their shells for camouflage, to hide, and to protect their selves from praetors.

Why do animals have shells?

To protect them from other animals.To hind from other animals.To live in them like some turtles do.

What do box turtles like to play with?

Do box turtles like grapes

What sea turtles look like?

like turtles but they have flippers not "feet".

What are pancake turtles like?

Pancake turtles are just like any other turtles but in side their shell they are just like me and you. They have a heart in them and they are in dangered so we can stop that. CHEER WITH ME. we can stop them getting killed by donating money to any animal charities. OK. fight with me people.

Why do turtles sit on each other?

why do turtles sit on top of each other.

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