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Do turtles fight each other?

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Sometimes they do but it is only when the turtles dislike eachother.You know if your turtles do not like eachother by them staying away from eachother and if you put them together and they run away from eachother.

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Do turtles fight?

Yes. Turtles will often nip at each other. During the mating season, male turtles will try to flip each other over in order to gain exclusive access to a female.

Why do turtles sit on each other?

why do turtles sit on top of each other.

Do male turtles fight?

Yes they do either to protect their eggs, their mate or if the aggressor just wants to fight all though the fighting is really slow LOL.... basically almost all of nature will fight with each other or other animals with other animals

Do grasshoppers fight each other?

yes they can fight each other

How can you tell if two water turtles like each other?

If two turtles like each other they will not get in fights and you will also be able to tell by how they act around each other.

Why do turtles climb on each other?

because they want to kill each other!!

Can turtles eat other turtles?

turtles may snap at each other but rarely do harm unless the other turtle is smaller and limbs can be mistaken for food

How do you tell if turtles are mateing?

they get on each other

Do turtles eat each other?


Do girl betta fight each other?

NO female bettas do not fight each other

Do jaguars fight each other?

jaguars fight each other over food

Why africans fight each other?

africans fight each other because they belive that they should

Can male and female yellow bellied turtles share a tank?

Yes you could if they get along. Put them together and watch them if they don't fight each other than leave them their. That is if you don't mine have some baby turtles. Geckomaster

Wen turtles bite each other hands do they hurt each other?

yes they do. sometimes

How do you know when turtles are mating?

they are on top of each other

How are sea turtles helpful?

they are helpful to each other

Do turtles live alone?

no,they can live with alot of other turtles but just make sure the males dont fight over the females.

Do velociraptors fight each other?

Yes, there is evidence the velociraptors did fight each other, sometimes to the death.

Can turtles kill each other?

sometimes , but that's off research;], turtles may mistake small turtles limbs for food

Will 2 male Guinea pigs really fight each other?

they wont fight they have to be the same BREED and LITTER to not fight each other .

How do wolves fight?

well they growl at each other and get their claws out and start scratching each other and bite each other...yes indeed thetas how they fight

A sport port in which two people fight each other?

a sport in which two people fight each other

Why does RED and BLU fight each other?

They fight each other only for the colour of the team not for anything else

Why do male sea lions fight with each other?

they fight each other beacause they want a mate to have sex with .

Do tigers and turtles fight?

No. It would not be a fair fight.