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yes the vampier squid dose live in the Pacific Ocean.

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Squids live near the bottom of the ocean about 3000 meters deep.

Squids live in all of the oceans of the world. Different types of squids live at different depths of whichever ocean they inhabit.

squids live in the ocean.Atlantic, pacific, southern Africa to the galapagos islands, around Australia. mostly warmer areas.

yes the live near the ocean floor!!

Yes, they do live in den's near the ocean floor!

Live on the Pacific Ocean was created in 1997.

The habitat for both giant squids & small squids is mainly in the ocean, because that is where they get their food from, & that is where they are able to live.

Sea Angels do not live in the Pacific Ocean.

Yes, in fact kelp do live in the pacific ocean.

The pacific ocean is warmer!

The Pacific Ocean (depends what country you live in). The Pacific Ocean (depends what country you live in).

Do octopus live in the pacific ocean?

No more whales live in the pacific ocean. It cause there more whale on the pacific ocean cause of the cold water Antarctica ocean.

Killer whales and clown fish live in the Pacific Ocean.

All kinds of animals live in the Pacific oceanall animals

They live in the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean

They seem to live in deep ocean waters.

Whales, dolphins, seals, walrus and sea otters all live in the Pacific Ocean.

Sharks, whales, dolphins and many other fish live in the Pacific Ocean.

Giant squid primarily live in deep ocean trenches.

no they live in the Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean too

they live in the pacific ad Atlantic ocean

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