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That's the point of vegetarianism....vegetarians don't eat meat.

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Can vegetarians eat meat?

They physically can eat meat, but they choose not to eat meat, which is why they are vegetarians.

Can Lacto Vegetarians eat meat?

They have the ability eat meat, but if they did, they couldn't call themselves vegetarian. Vegetarians do not eat meat.

Do vegetarians eat poultry?

Vegetarians do not eat poultry. Poultry falls under the category of meat, which vegetarians do not eat.

What meat do vegetarians eat?

they dont eat any meat

Can vegetarians eat grain?

I suppose so, because what I learned about vegetarians is that they don't eat meat. Grain Is not meat.

What are the differences between pescatarians and vegetarians?

Pescatarians eat fish meat, vegetarians don't eat any meat.

Why do vegetarians not eat eggs?

Vegetarians do not eat eggs because of the fact that its a chicken and they do not eat meat.

Do vegetarians eat turkey?

Vegetarians don't eat meat, so they would not eat turkey.

What kinds of meat can vegetarians eat?

Vegetarians don't eat the flesh of any animal.

What kinda meat doesn't vegetarians eat?

True vegetarians eat none at all. Some avoid red meat only, but are not vegetarians in the strict sense of the term.

Do vegetarians eat shrimp?

No. Its meat

What cant vegetarians eat?


Who don't eat meat?


What vegetarians do not eat?

The meat of an animal.

Are people born vegetarians?

Until they eat meat they are vegetarians, I suppose...

What kind of meat do giant pandas eat?

They don't eat meat they are vegetarians :)

Can vegetarians eat meat flavor crisps?

No, it contains meat.

Can vegetarians eat beef?

It is physically possible for vegetarians to eat beef, but they wouldn't because vegetarians do not eat meat due to the fact that they either believe meat is unhealthy or that it is from animals, and they don't want to eat them. Source: vegetarian friends

Can a deer eat meat?

No Deer are vegetarians and they would never eat a peice of meat!

Who are non vegetarians?

People who eat meat would be considered "non-vegetarians".

Are kinder Easter eggs suitable for vegetarians?

Vegetarians who eat everything except meat, will eat eggs. There are only these only kinds of vegetarians: 1. Ovo lacto vegetarians -- these people eat everything but meat. 2. Lacto vegetarians--these individuals eat everything except meat and eggs 3. Ovo vegetarians--these vegetarians eat everything except meat and dairy 4. Vegans--these are the purest form of vegetarian. They eat no meat or animal products of any kind. Don't be fooled by someone who claims to be a vegetarian but still eats chicken or fish. Anyone who eats meat of any kind, or just limits themselves to the kind of meat eaten, or how often they eat it, is not a vegetarian. They're simply a selective meat eater.

Are tigers vegetarians?

No, they are carnivores--they eat meat.

Do vegetarians eat bolognese?

No. It contains meat.

What will groundhogs not eat?

Meat. They are strict vegetarians.

What do lacto vegetarians not eat?

Meat and eggs.

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