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Do vet assistants get any kind of bonuses?


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yes. about a half of the vet's salary.


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Veterinary assistants generally do not receive tips - they are working for the veterinarian rather than an additional service for the client. Some vet assistants will receive bonuses, but this is dependent on the clinic and the contract signed.

techs or assistants? they are different- techs are like nurses, assistants are like janitors. techs, one per vet maybe two if the practice is busy. assistants is however many they decide to need, because they aren't associated with the vet they just clean.

Most vet assistants dress in scrubs.

vet techs work with the vet like nurses work with doctors. vet assistants clean up and take care of the animals.

The average pay for veterinarian assistants in Canada is $25.000 or $$12.38 per hour based on education and experience.

1. you are around cute (MOST OF THE TIME) animals 2. you get paid 3. you get to pick up dog crap too :) (funnti)

Veterinary assistants may have just a high school diploma or GED, or they may have completed a 2-year Associate's degree program.

Diagnose, prognose, perscribe, perform surgery.

You do not need a degree to become a vet assistant. However, increased knowledge of job position puts prospective assistants in the lead. However, like many other industries, sometimes the job is acquired not by the degree you have but who you know.

Veterinary assistants can retire when they feel they are financially sound enough to do so. However, relatively few vet clinics can afford to offer retirement benefits to their hourly staff (assistants, technicians, receptionists, kennel staff, etc.), so it is up to the vet assistant to make plans and set aside money for retirement.

depends on what kind of vet you are!

In addition to the veterinarian (who may or may not be board certified in surgery), there would be a vet tech for anesthesia, a vet tech who assists in surgery, one or more vet assistants and a receptionist.

Only if you want to. Most D.V.M.'s hire vet techs or veterinary assistants to assist with the day to day chores of a vet clinic. An associates or equivilant degree in this field can usually be obtained from any number of 2 or 4 year colleges, trade schools or "vo-techs".

Any kind of rash should be checked out by a vet.

Veterinary assistants may not perform surgery. They may assist in surgery.

Veterinarians must have a degree in veterinary medicine; in the United States, this is a DVM or VMD degree. Previous experience isn't necessary, although most veterinarians have worked as kennel assistants, vet assistants or lay vet techs prior to becoming veterinarians.

the answer of what are the disciplines of becoming a vet is you have to know research about every kind of pet that a person would have and what kind of vet you would like to be and if a ceo or not because you have to know if you want to own a place or not and what kind of vet you want to be! that's my answer to your question

Vet assistants should possess many different skills to perform their wide range of tasks. Five computer skills all vet assistants should possess include operating of record keeping software, scheduling software, computer based accounting skills, patient chart creation and retrieval, as well as computer research.

The same as for any other kind of vet. Contact the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for details, or any veterinary school. It's easier to get into medical school, though.

No, veterinary assisting is typically an entry-level position in the veterinary field and assistants are typically supervised by veterinarians and often also veterinary technicians. This is because veterinary assistants are not required to have any special education or training to fill that position in any state in the US. There are some situations where an assistant has been working in the same practice for many years and end up supervising less-experienced personnel, but typically they are not going to be in supervisory positions.

You do not have to attend college to become a veterinary assistant. Veterinary assisting is an entry level position and no state requires any special education or training for veterinary assistants.

Vet assistants should at least have an undergrad degree. This is a 4 year degree.

Yes, although in the United States they are referred to as vet tech (veterinary technicians) or vet assistants rather than veterinary nurses. However, the job is analogous to a nurse's job and duties.

Yes, you can work as a lay vet tech at a veterinary clinic while you are in vet school, and for many students this is partially how they pay for vet school in the United States. A fair number of veterinary students worked in vet clinics as vet assistants or lay (unregistered) vet techs to gain the veterinary experience they needed to apply to vet school; most of them continue to work part time at the same clinics while in vet school.

It would depend on what kind of allergies your dog has. I would take your dog to a local vet and see what alergies he has. Also ask your vet if he has recommendations on any foods that would be safe for your dog to eat.

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