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Do whippoorwills have white spots under their wings?

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What bird has a black head a white chest and orange under its wings a black beak white spots on the wings?

eastern towee

What insect has light brown wings with white spots on their wings?

Stinkbugs are a common nuisance in houses during the summer. They have light brown wings with white spots on them.

What bird has spots on its wings?

The Brown bird with white spots.

What is the name of a bird in Virginia that has a black head and wings three white spots on wings white chest with bright red v under neck?

Male of the rose breasted grosbeak.

Do ladybugs have white spots?

Ladybugs have white spots. However, the most common ladybugs are the ones that have red. yellow and black spots on their wings.

What insect has black wings with white spots?

insect that has white spots on black wings with red hind area. looks like a small moth or wasp with out a stinger

What bird has red on its chest and under its wings otherwise being black with white spots?

Might be a rose-breated grosbeak.

What isect has a white fuzzy head with black spots and white wings with black spots?

sounds like a tiger moth to me

How did peppered moth get their name?

Because of the white spots on its wings

What kind of insect has two wings with black and white spots?

This description matches many butterflies. They can have black and white spots, black bodies, and two very large rounded wings.

Which bird is black and has white spots on wings?

A bird that is black with white spots on its wings might include the ivory billed woodpecker or the jackdaw. This might also be the tri-colored black bird.

What are all the white caterpillars in trees?

If you see white caterpillars in trees, they could be Hyphantria cunea. When they morph into adults in northern areas, they usually have white wings. In the south they usually have white wings with dark spots on the fore-wings.

Your butterfly has black wings with white spots and an orange triangle in the centre What is it?

why butterfly have had wing?

What bird has a golden breast black wings with white spots?

American Robin juvenile

What are the spots on the Luna moths wings called?

what are the spots on the luna moths wings called

White dove and brown spots on the wings how can you tell if it is a girl or boy?

it's eyes coler

What butterfly has black and white eye spots?

A wood nymph butterfly has black and white eye spots on its wings. It is also known as a Grayling, Blue-eyed Grayling, and the Goggle Eye.

What is the white ermine moth?

The white ermine moth is a moth of the arctiidae family. Some have wings that are plain white and others have white wings with black spots. The are very common in the UK and feed on both garden and wild plants.

What color are the monarchs butterflies wings?

Orange, outlined with black, and white spots on the black. The caterpillars are yellow with black and white stripes.

If your cockateil is 2 months old how do you know if its a boy or girl?

Well you can kinda tell because the male cockateil will kinda start to tweet. The female will mostly remain silent. only when the cockateil is over four months old you can definitely tell because all baby cockateils have spots under their wings. After the cockateil is older than four months the male cockateil will not have the spots under their wings. The females will always have spots under their wings.

Where do butterflies get their spots?

On there wings.

What kind of insect has two wings a red tail and black with white spots?

Answer is polka-dot wasp mothI

What type of butterfly has black wings with orange stripes and white dots?

One butterfly with the colorful black, orange, and white pattern is the Red Admiral. This butterfly has red-orange stripes and white spots on dark brown-black wings.

What is a flying insect with red wings and black spots?

Flying ants are a type of ant that has wings. This insect has a black body, red wings and black spots.

What insect looks like a bee with black and white spotted wings?

The orange-headed wasp moth has black and yellow-orange stripes on its body in a pattern similar to a bee. The wings of this insect are black with white spots.