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if their arms are REALLY HAIRY they shave them if their not hairy then no they dont shvae them.

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Q: Do women shave their arms
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Where can you shave?

women's can shave under it's under arms

Should women shave their arms?

I would if they're hairy... I mean if they are and you don't shave them you might be European...

Can Muslim women shave their arms?

Yes, if they wish to look beautiful to their husbands.

Do Italian women shave their armpits?

No, in fact most European women don't shave their arms, legs, pits etc.. Most Italian women don't practice daily bathing rituals either.

Dose Justin Bieber shave his arms?

Yeah my bffl does shave his arms lol :)

Are men supposed to shave their arms?

Nobody is "supposed" to shave anything. But if a man wants to shave his arms, then he should feel free to do so. If he doesn't want to shave his arms, then he shouldn't have to. The choice is his own.

Are Muslim women allowed to shave their arms and legs?

Islam does not bother about such petty personal matters. They can if they like.

Does Miley Cyrus shave?

Yes, Miley Cyrus does shave her appropriate areas that girls usually shave. Such as arm pits, legs, and arms. This is a cleaner and more presentable way to look for most women.

Shave public hair?

Women commonly shave the hair off many parts of their body, including legs and arms. Men also shave hair off public and private parts of their body.

Do models shave their arms?

Some models shave their arms. Model, swimmers and body builders all tend to shave their arms. It is personal preference unless the photographer asks you to.

Can you recommend an electric shaver for women that will work on legs and under the arms?

The Venus electric razors are great for women and have a smooth, clean shave.

Is it weird to shave your arms?


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