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Q: Do you agree that it should be very hard to pass a law?
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How hard is it to get a job with the FBI?

if you pass all their requirments, then not very hard.

Why should teachers not pass failing students?

because they failed and they would have a very hard time with the next term. If anything, they should attend summer school.

Should you do bcom or bba with ca?

ya why not but don't do that. because CA is a very hard and you should pass it with a good marks then you should get a job in private sector with Rs. 50000 to 100000

How can you pass inter slection service board test?

Study. Study very hard. Study very, very hard. Oh, did I say study?

How hard is it to replace exhaust manifold pass side on a 2008 ford F150 5.4L?

It is very hard.

Is the bar exam hard?

Yes, the bar exam is very hard, but if you study hard, you can pass it. It doesn't matter how smart you are. You have to study.

How do you get over a person after they pass away?

You try to remember all the great times you had together....the person is alive while you keep the memories of him(her).... It is very hard to move on, but you should not! you should pass the memories to your children and always remember what that person would want you to do!

What is the easiest way to pass a medical terminology test?

study very hard thats the best way to pass medical terminology.

Is it hard to pass a probation drug test with weed?

yes it is very hard...dont do drugs!! i am currently in high and in probation at the minute

How does people take 16 hours in college and pass?

Lots of hard work. You have to be very dedicated.

What should you do on a date?

its not very hard,just be yourself.

What is selective type test?

Selective test is a very very hard test. Its only for 0.01% of Australian children can pass this test.

Does precision matter in volleyball?

Yes . It is very important to be able to control where you hit and how hard you hit . The first hit should be a pass . This is for serve recovery . The pass should make it to the setter in right front and the pass should have backspin . The setter should set the ball to either the middle or outside hitter with no spin on the set . The hitter should do their approach to the net and hit the ball over with top spin aiming for the back opposite corner .

How is the Philippa Schuyler middle school test like?

it isn't very hard. but you have to be kinda clever to pass it

How hard is the gun safety class and exam?

There are not hard, but lengthy (atleast where I'm from), and the teachers are very helpful and WANT everyone to pass, you'll do great.

What do you do if your dog ate bones can't poop and you stuck your finger in her butt very hard what do you use to help her pass poop?

If your dog eats a foreign object or has an intestinal blockage, you should take it to the vet.

When you are caught behind a very slow truck going up a long hill you should pass on?

If you're in a country which drives on the right, you'd pass it on the left. If you're in a country which drives on the left, you should pass it on the right.

Does Brutus confide in Portia?

No, although she argues very hard that he should.

Is it hard to repair a transmission?

Very hard. Only a pro should try this. If you are asking if its hard it means you need to find a pro to fix it.

How much does limo cost?

It can be very hard to buy a limo, and very hard to find one for a cheap price, but it should cost around $5,000 to $10,000.

What is a floater in volleyball?

a floater is an overhand serve that has NO spin on it and swerves thru the air. they are usually very hard and difficult to pass.

What should you do when you hit the back off your head very hard?

got to the doctor

Is it hard to do a back flip?

yes if your not flexible you can not do it if you are flexible it should be very easy for you

Is maths very hard in civil engineering course? u should practice ..otherwise it could be hard.

Why is it hard for the government to fix the problem?

Politicians represent different interests which may not agree on the best solution for a problem. Without a majority in Congress, which is very difficult to get, and the president's approval, very little can be done.