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Don't think it reverts as answerable question but...hence,I shall answer.Yes

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Why did Europeans believe they were justified in conquering other lands?

They believed this was a form of exploration and bringing civilisation to uncharted and ungoverned lands with no apparent organisation.

Was aguinaldo justified in having bonifacio executed?

Not everyone will agree. If you believe Bonifacio's actions were tresonous, yes his execution was justified. If you believe his actions were not treasonous, then his execution was not justified.

Do you believe that segregation is justified?

Do I believe that? No! Do some people believe that? Yes.

What percent of scientists believe in evolution?

99% of scientists believe in evolution

How can you believe in evolution and god?

You can believe evolution was caused by God and he controls it.

You do not want to change though you believe in evolution?

I do not ' believe ' in evolution, but I am convinced by the evidence.

Why did Charles Darwin believe in evolution?

yes, Charles Darwin did believe in evolution.

Who was Roosevelt Island named for?

Teddy Roosevelt, I believe.

What are the pentecostal beliefs about evolution?

They do not believe in evolution; only creation.

Why does ball believe that the US is justified in Vietnam?

he doesnt

What do Islams believe about creation?

I think that they believe in evolution

Was Linconln president after Roosevelt?

No, Lincoln was the 16th and Roosevelt was 35th I believe.

Does Buddhism believe in creationism vs evolution?

Buddhist believe there are no gods. Evolution would be the logical belief they would follow.

Did People believe in evolution around 1827?

yes they did believe in evolution because life begins million years ago

Can murder be justified?

Murder can be justified in cases such as the preservation of human life or in the case of self defence. This is very controversial as many people believe that how can some one judge what is justified to what is not.

Why do people who believe in Catholicism don't agree with evolution?

It is not forbidden by Catholicism to believe in evolution. The reason many people who believe in a god do not believe in evolution is that evolution's adversary, Intelligent Design, makes far more sense to one who believes in God that anyone who does not, although you can believe in intelligent design and not believe in God.

Do Jewish people believe in evolution?

Most Jews, including Orthodox Jews, believe in evolution.Answer:Many Orthodox Jews do not accept what they would describe as the fairy tale of evolution.

Does Palin believe in evolution?

she says that its nessesary to know about creationism along with evolution

When did scientists believe that chemical evolution occurred?

Scientists believe that chemical evolution occurred around 3.5 billion years ago.

Do only atheists believe in evolution?

No, evolution is not only accepted by atheists. Scientific theories are not forms of "belief". And I do know a few Christians who believe in evolution. It is no longer a religious issue, but more of an individual evaluation of facts. Few, if any, believing Jews, Christians, or Muslims believe in evolution in the Darwinian sense of natural selection. Rather, believers believe in the concept of God guided evolution, which is not Darwinian evolution through natural selection as it is understood by biologists.

Do muslims believe in creationn?

Yes, Muslims believe in creation. However, Muslims believe also in evolution but not as Darwin claiming in his theory. Evolution is the way God created in His creatures to adapt with changes in environment. Muslims believe that man is created by God and that man is not an evolution of monkey as Darwin claiming.

What percentage of the world are creationists?

I don't think that you could accurately determine the percentage. There are those that believe in creation and those that believe in evolution. A large part of those that say they believe in creation also believe in evolution to some degree. If you are taking a count of who believes what, put me down for creation with no evolution.

Why do so many people believe in theory of evolution?

Sir Arthur Keith who believes in evolution said, "Evolution is unproved and unprovable. We believe it ONLY because the only alternative is special creation, and that is unthinkable."

What did Darwin believe about emotions?

they are a product of evolution

Who are some scientists who believe in evolution?

All of them.

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