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Do you believe in aliens?



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Answer #1:

The possibility that aliens from other planet exist is not impossible.

Compared to what there is to know, humans practically know nothing.

I say that there is a possibility. Did you know, i know this can not be

confirmed, that the governments hid from the world that there is really

aliens. Maybe we are the aliens and we just don't know it. Just because

we can't live on another planet doesn't mean that other creatures can't.

For all that you know we live in earth and the animals are the aliens. Well

think about it, they live and look differently, they don't speak like we do or

anything like that. But always remember that "Those who don't believe, no

proof is enough and for those who believe no evidence is needed." Believe

what you want to believe not what other people tell you to believe. Just

because Catholics believe in Jesus doesn't mean you have to believe. (This

last sentence doesn't even make sense, if you don't believe in Jesus how

could someone be called a Catholic.)

have u seen monsters vs aliens??????(nothing to do with real life just a

fictional story use fact to support answers not movies.)

Even if your Catholic you can believe in aliens one of the representatives

from the Vatican said we can. It is not against the religion. Also aliens are

things not from this planet or commonly found on this planet so here on

Earth humans and animals can not in any sense be considered aliens.

They may exist, they may even be around here. But I will believe in one

when I kick one in the ankle.

hi im Aisha..

i belive in Aliens because i saw one and this ain't no joke or trick,no one

belives me but i know i saw one please email me if you want to ask

questions about them...i never esackly saw them.but i saw them belive me

or not its up to you i have proof go on


i love ant and dec!!!!!!!!!

from aisha


Answer #2:

What anyone does or doesn't believe is irrelevant.

There is a significant probability of the existence of intelligent,

technological, civilized life elsewhere in the universe, besides Earth.

We have not observed any evidence of its existence.

That's a pretty boring statement. It certainly doesn't stand up against

"they're among us" and "I saw one", and "the government knows and

is hiding the truth" and "if you can just believe then you won't need no

stinkin evidence".

yes, search up area51