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I don't blame you for being hurt and angry and I know if you had your way you are angry enough to keep the children away from him. However, it's up to a judge to decide that one and as long as he doesn't do drugs or is abusive to the children he probably will get partial custody. Please remember, that children don't completely understand what is going on with their parents, and all they know is it's "mom and dad" and they don't want to be caught in the middle deciding who to be with. They are extremely upset when mom and dad split up. Please do your children a favor and bite your tongue and let them see their father providing he is responsible. Put your own difference aside and think of your children. The anger will subside, you'll meet someone that will treat you better and the hurt doesn't last forever. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Do you get full custody if your husband is cheating?
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How can we get custody of my husband's children?

Your husband have to go to court and petition for custody. Unless the mother is unfit and you can prove it, it will most likely not be full custody though.

Can you leave the state with your son that your ex husband has custody over but not full custody?

With his permission you can.

What can i do my husband signed divorce and custody papers from me by cheating?

The best thing to do is to seek legal counsel from an attorney .

How can you divorce your illegal husband of 9 years and with children?

You divorce and get custody over your kids or just get full custody!

Can a mother and her boyfriend or husband file for full custody of the mothers children together that you share joint custody with your exhusband who is the childrens father?

Boyfriend or husband (unless he is the biological father) has no legal right to the child at all. The mother can try to go for full custody though.

If you have full physical custody and half legal custody would it be abanndonment to give a note to your ex husband and leave the kids with him?

No, not if he is the other person that has legal custody.

How do you give the mom full custody of a child?

The motheeer usually gets full control of the child in a divorce case, only if she is a drug addict or drunkard does the husband get custody.

What are a woman's legal rights when her husband leaves her and their children?

She can get child support, and full custody.

What should you do if ex husband has full custody of our daughter but she has lived with mom for over a year without any support?

You can re-file in Family Court to amend the Full Custody and Support Order.

Can you get full custody of your child if your wife is cheating?

Depends on the total amount of evidence. see links below

Cockate - A husband with a cheating wife?

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

Mom joined army and ex-husband is trying to get full custody of kids?

Why shouldn't he if she goes on deployment?

What if my Husband is cheating on me can i kill him then?


Is j-lo cheating on her husband?

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How can you forgive your husband for cheating on you and he still is doing it after you found out?

You can't. If your husband is STILL cheating on you after you found out, divorce him.

Is it cheating when your husband meets with a married woman to talk about his marriage and find out later she is attracted to him?

that just means that the lady is cheating on her husband to be with your husband

Is it cheating if you constantly have dreams of your husband cheating on you?

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

If legal and physical custody was granted to the mother is that the same as full physical and full legal custody?

Yes. Legal and physical custody granted to the mother means full, sole legal and physical custody.

If you have full custody can you leave the state?

If I have sole\full custody, can I leave state with my child ?

What to do if your husband is cheating?


How can you tell if your husband is cheating you with his ex?

Your husband can show various signs when he is cheating. He might be mentioning his ex in various matters.

What is full custody?

when you're in full custody someone has control over you. Like the police when they have custody over you they have captured you and you're in their control.

How can to get revenge on a cheating husband without cheating?

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If you husband is cheatin on you?

You haven't finish the question. If your husband is cheating on you then.......

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