Do you have a picture of Peter Bestes?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: Do you have a picture of Peter Bestes?
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Who was Peter Bestes?

Peter Bestes was an African slave during the Revolutionary war.

What were some Peter Bestes quotes?

"We ask you for relief, which as a man, we have the right to do." - Peter Bestes

What famous quotes did Peter Bestes make?

"We ask you for relief, which as a man, we have a right to do" -Peter Bestes

How did peter bestes ask for his freedom?

Peter Bestes placed an ad in a Boston newspaper asking for permission to buy his freedom. This ad told colonists that they were making a noble stand (honorable position) against people trying to enslave them.

What was Peter Bestes' famous line in the newspaper from the 1770's?

"We ask you for relief, which as a man, we have a right to do."

Is bestes a word?


What made Peter Bestes a Neutralist?

I believe the answer is that since he was brought as a slave (if I'm correct) that he didn't know who to trust. He thought the patriots and loyalists were both bad people.

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