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Do you have any fear and concern towards humanity?

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Yes. Humanity keeps getting more dangerous weapons, and seems not to be getting much wiser with regard to being more peaceful as a human population... that concerns me.

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What is the importance of main Islamic beliefs?

Islam guides humanity towards the path of truth and enlightenment. Any faith a human believes in lay the foundations upon which the human psyche is thus based and his lives are influenced. Similarly lies the importance of basic Islamic beliefs that guide humanity towards a strong and fit nation called the Ummah.

Is their any humanity on any other planet?


What is the fear of tanks?

Any "unreasonable fear" is a phobia.

How do you use humanity in a sentence?

Humanity means the state of being human. It also means showing sympathy and understanding. Here are some sentences.She showed her humanity when she cared for that enemy soldier.Some people believe that humanity is better than any other animal.Only your humanity can save you now.

How do the characters in Ordinary People pertain to the quote There is nothing to Fear but Fear Itself?

They do not have any fear in everything and therefore they have nothing to fear but fear itself.

What does Erebus fear?

In Greek myth Erebus is not said to have any fear.

Has green day done any charity work?

they did habitat for humanity

Who do Buddhist's think created humans?

Buddhism does not, in general, concern itself with questions which cannot easily be resolved or for which the resolution does not further progress towards enlightenment. The existence of humans is a fact, their origin does not make any difference.

Why does the private sector generate more revenue than the public sector?

Because the private sector is entirely geared towards creating revenue at the cost of anything else. By contrast, revenue-gathering is not a concern for the public sector, while spending any money that would otherwise be revenue in useful ways is a major concern.

What is the correct term for fear of birds?

Ornithophobia, fear of birds, in any form.

What phobia is the fear of pie?

Pastrophobia. The fear of Pie, or any heated pastry.

What does limited concern mean?

Limited concern means of less or little concern. For example:The computers will be down for ten minutes, but this will be of limited concern because it'll happen at lunch time.Whether we leave now or later is of limited concern: we don't have any particular schedule.

How do you get over the fear of doing a back handspring?

By doing it; the only way to face any fear is by facing the fear head on!

What were crimes against humanity?

Crimes against humanity are certain acts which are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population. The first prosecution for crimes against humanity took place at the Nuremberg Trials.

What phobia is the fear of noise of crackers?

is any treyment of fobia of fear of noise of crackers

Is there any famous people that have a fear of mice?

Walt Disney in fact do have a fear of mice.

Is there a word for a fear of smackheads-?

There is not a word for a fear of smackheads, or any other drug in question.

Why should any type of pollution be everybody's concern?

Any type of pollution should be everybody's concern since it affects the environment where al people live. The adverse effects of global warming will affect everyone and this should the reason for concern over pollution.

Is the word concern a common noun?

Yes, the word concern is a common noun, a word for any concern of anyone.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Concern Mom Soar on Eagle Wings (childcare), Irvington, NJFamily Concern Ministries, Cleveland, OHConcern Worldwide (international charity)'To Whom It May Concern' by Bob MacKenzie

How do you react to your girlfriend's new job?

Do not show any concern.

What does humanity includes?

just remember one thing that if you feel bad of any thing than others will the same, so making others not to feel bad because of you is humanity

Where you can get the game Fear and Respect when you can not find it in any stores?

The Fear and Respect game was cancelled in 2006.

What is the name for any animals fear?


Are the veronica sisters gay?

It is not any concern of anyone - except themselves

Should the world fear Vladimir Putin?

People in this world shouldn't fear any one person. The world should fear what society has turned into.

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