Do you have explain your family background and career objective at a job interview when there ask to introduce your self?

Answer You never explain your family background at a job interview unless your family background is associated with the job you are being interviewed for. Your career objective is important to mention, as the person who is interviewing you will probably ask this question anyway. The proper way to introduce yourself is to hold your hand out to shake the hand of the person who is about to interview you and tell that person your full name with a pleasant smile. Ask if it's alright for you to sit down and just answer the questions that the person interviewing you asks. Don't volunteer anything that is NOT required of you to get this job. Talking about family background stuff isn't necessary unless as I said above, your family for example has been in sales for nearly 50 years and you are following in their footsteps. Other than that keep everything else to yourself. When you have the job, little by little if you feel the need to talk about family then that's ok, but NOT at the Interview stage. Answer: Introducing yourself is about your first chance to say something that will make you memorable to the interviewer. You've got about 20 seconds before you are either on the "good" or "bad" list so make every one of them count. First off, have your cell phone turned off. A call in the middle of the interviewer's meeting with you can ruin your chances.

Do not be sit down as you wait for the interviewer. Nothing is worse for your image than having to struggle out of a chair. There is usually something to stand up and look at - art, a display of company literature, a window. When the interviewer approaches you or has you brought into his room he will usually introduce himself first and make a movement to shake hands. This is your script: * Look him in the face with a slight smile. (Practice in mirror. Ask friends for technique comments)

* Shake the offered hand (You should practice this common action with friends asking their impression of your technique. A poor handshake is a real turn-off.)

* Repeat his name (Hello Mr. Smith! A pleasure to meet you!) in a manner that says, first off,you are pleased to meet him and secondly, that you are repeating his name to lock it into your memory * Then say this (substituting your own information) - "I'm Gregory Harper Smith, but my friends all call me Greg!". This sentence ensures he knows your name, but also lets him become a bit "closer" to you as it will inevitably lead to him using the name that is used by "your friends" putting him (in his mind) into that category. * Then, do not sit down until invited to do so. You are guest on his turf and should not take any "I'm in control" actions. Next actions:

* Small talk to break the ice * Getting down to the intervirew