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We all have responsibilities towards each other. But, before one can accept responsibilities for others one must be adept at accepting responsibility for oneself. Accepting responsibilities for ones owns actions can be daunting enough, but we must. How else then, can we accept the responsibilities of others actions? And that we must is a painful given. The problem with accepting responsibilities for other nations or even your own becomes exponentially amplified. In the end, yes we do have responsibilities to other nations, our own but most importantly to the ones around us and ourselves.

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Q: Do you have responsibilities to other nations of the world?
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What other organisation had similar responsibilities as the current United Nations Organisation that was formed after world war 1?

League of Nations.

As citizens of the democracy do we have responsibility to other nations of the world?

Yes and no,yes because we need to know what is happening in other parts of the world to keep our nations safe, and have everything up-to-date.No because its really not our concern to have responsibilities in other parts of the world and we should really focus mainly on us and our nation

How are responsibilities shared among the nations?

the responsibilities are among the nation is to share the governmental idea with the nation and help each other in the nation.

Should nations align themselves with other nations in the interests of nations and world peace?

because they are stupid

Why did the other nations not help Ethiopia?

Other nations did not help Ethiopia because World War I memories made them fearful, and much of the world was in economic ruin.

What responsibilities did other nations have to stop the persecutions of Jews?

Other nations had no responsibilities to stop the persecution of the Jews.Answer:We all as nations have a duty to humanity to stop the wholesale slaughter of any certain group of people within a country under the direction and control of its government. However, political concerns are often paramount to the deaths of the victims. In some cases other countries intercede and in some well publicized cases they do not. It depends on their interests and whether those interests are served by interceding.

Who have major responsibilities on First Nations reserves?

Band chiefs and councillors

In nations such as great Britain identify and explain how government responsibilities are divided among varying levels?

In democratic nations the responsibilities are divided among varying levels through senate, congress, and a figure head

After World War 2 the US wanted to cooperate with other nations to prevent another world war what concept best represents this attitude?

The concept that best represents this attitude of cooperation with other nations to prevent another world war after World War II is multilateralism. Multilateralism refers to the practice of engaging in international relations and diplomacy through the participation of multiple countries, with a focus on collective decision-making and shared responsibilities. The establishment of international organizations like the United Nations reflected the US commitment to multilateralism and working together with other nations to maintain peace and security.

What influences has Canada had on the nations of the world?

Canada is a great peacemaker when other countries fight and with the help of United Nations, has helped the world in more ways than before.

Why did the Tokugawa shogunate try to limits japans contact with the outside world?

He didn't want other nations to influence his people. He thought the other nations were corrupting Japan.

What sport is loved most in the world?

Soccer (football in other nations) is the most popular sport in the world.